Sunday, July 1, 2012

Recipe Monday: Massive Fail

The week before we went on vacation I made a new cajun chicken pasta recipe and it was to. die. for. I mean, crazy good! Like top three things I've ever made in my life (which isn't saying much since I've only been cooking all of 9.5 months, but go with me here). Just take my word for it, it was good... really, really good.

So when planning our weekly menu last week, we decided that cajun chicken pasta was a must. Well, I made it tonight and took pictures and did everything the same as last time except that the recipe said you could make one little change to make it a bit healthier so I, for once, made the healthy choice... and it was awful!!

Not kind of bad, really bad. Utter flop. Like so bad we didn't even feed it to the dog. So, my apologies for the lack of recipe today... usually I have at least one on back up but we got a new computer this week and any pictures I hadn't put on the external hard drive got sent into Apple heaven. So, no back up pictures, no cajun chicken pasta, just this little piece of priceless advice:

Don't get frustrated when dinner is a flop...
It happens to the best of us. 
Just keep a little ice cream in the freezer for backup.

So since I don't have any food to talk about (and since it's 10:10pm) I thought I would borrow from my dear friend Ki, over at Faith Home & Lovelies, the Instagram update plan! 

{One hour and eight minutes later}

Apparently, I'm not smart enough to load Instagram pictures into Blogger. People, it's obviously just not my night. Go read Ki's blog... she's smart enough to figure it out AND she has really cute pictures! 

I'll see you on Tuesday with b-e-a-u-tiful pictures of my favorite place in Austria (technology allowing of course). And next week, I won't make the mistake of attempting to be healthy... Recipe Monday will return next week, fingers crossed!

Be Blessed (for your patience),