Monday, November 16, 2015

Cooper Catch Up: November 2014

November 2014 seems like yesterday! Our little ray of sunshine was growing like a weed and becoming quite the little Mr. Personality. This  little stinker makes his momma smile from ear to ear every second of every day.

November 1st: Crossing Clean Up Day! The men of our church spent the day cleaning the lot where our new church would be built. Cooper spent the day happily pulling a brush hog behind the tractor with his Pops. 

November 3rd: Cooper mastered the "Cheeeese!" smile and pose!

November 10th: Mommy might have gotten a little overzealous about planting tulips and bought a few hundred… Luckily I had a handy little helper who happens to specialize in hole digging!

The month of November means the start of non-conference basketball! Our itty bitty Baby Boomer was beyond happy to cheer on the Sooners! We love getting to be in the gym watching Uncle Awesome and our beautiful cousin, Hayden! 

November 16th: We are incredibly fortunate to be able to live in a place that is surrounded by amazingly beautiful scenery and wildlife. Each year the geese choose our local refuge as a place to stop and rest during their migration. We took Cooper to see the fields of snow geese and he thought they were the most fun thing ever! He practiced his "honk! honk!" and thought it was sooooo funny when an entire field would erupt into the sky. It's our absolute pleasure to get to watch him discover different, beautiful things in this big world!

I can't help but stop and stare… I know the days are limited before his feet reach the other end of the couch.

November 17th: It's not every day you get to have dinner with Cinderella! I asked Blake to squat down by Cooper for a picture, but of course if Blake end down Cooper had to too!

November 21st: 15 Month Check Up - 33 inches (96%) 23lb 5 oz (58%) 48.5cm (90%)

November 25th: Our dear friends, the Casts, came to visit us! Cooper and sweet little Loran    sweetly played together… and shared a few kisses! Loran's mommy and I have been best friends since college and it makes our hearts so happy to see our babies becoming friends. We look forward to arranging their marriage in about 25 years or so!

Cooper always wants Henry to feel comfortable so instead of making him feel left out since he can't walk, Cooper just crawls too. 

November 27th: We spent Thanksgiving with Pop-Pop! Unfortunately these are literally the only three pictures I have… but obviously, Cooper had so much fun he passed smooth out at the end of the night.

November 28th: Thanksgiving at Grammy's house! Highlights include: Coop getting to play with Brooks and Kamryn. Cruisin' in Brooks's hot rod! Coop thinking it was sooooo funny that he and Daddy had on matching boots! And last, but certainly not least, all three babies very sweetly sharing one ice cream cone. 

Nothing says "I Ball Till You Fall" like carrying a squeegee and wearing one rhinestone flat… Also, Cooper loves Ryan.

When we lived in the city there wasn't a single full grown tree in a five mile radius of our house. I love trees. I missed trees. I longed to be able to see the glorious colors of fall out my windows… so when we moved into our new house which is virtually in the woods, we celebrated the trees! When our neighbors grumble about having to rake, blow and burn leaves, we did the work with great joy! We are so thankful for the trees and the beautiful leaves they provide!

November 30th: Pumpkin Throw! Thanksgiving was over which meant it was time to ditch the pumpkins! Cooper and Daddy had loads of fun chunking them into the woods! A new favorite tradition!