Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Letter to my Son {1 Month}

My precious son,

I cannot believe how quickly the last month has flown by. It feels like just yesterday your daddy and I were sitting at the hospital just staring at you in awe. In your very short time with us you have already made us better! But before I go any further, I owe you an apology... 

When you still lived in my belly I prayed over you non-stop. Every little kick, flip or squirm made me stop and tell God how thankful I was that he was blessing us with a sweet baby. I asked God to protect you, to help you grow perfectly and to help prepare your daddy and me to be the parents that He wanted us to be. Son you were truly covered in prayer, not just by me but by our entire family, way before you ever took your first breath. God answered every one of those requests just as we had asked and we thanked him repeatedly for blessing us with you.

And then it was time for you to make your grand entrance! Your daddy and I sat in the car before walking into the hospital and prayed over your arrival. We prayed for the doctor and nurses that would help usher you into the world. We prayed for me, because your mom is a very stubborn woman and wanted to have you without any medication. We prayed for your daddy because he had to deal with your mommy without medication! And we prayed for you - that everything about your birth would be nothing short of perfect. Again, God answered every one of those requests just as we had asked and we thanked him repeatedly for blessing us with you.

Then we brought you home with us and we were so excited to start this new phase of life! We mastered breast feeding. We learned not to get shot when changing diapers. We pushed through those sleepless nights. We took you places - church, ball games, restaurants. I was in high gear making sure your every need was met, doing my best to conquer this whole new mommy thing and working hard to make it all look like it was done with ease. 

Then one morning while I was feeding you and scrolling through some of my favorite blogs I came across a post talking about late night feedings. The writer explained how special that time was for her and her baby - I was with her, I love that precious quiet time that we share when all the rest of the world is asleep! The writer went on about how much she cherished the cuddles - Yes! Me too!! - and how she really appreciated having that uninterrupted time to pray over her baby - Whoa. Stop. The. Boat. Her words stopped me in my tracks... hit me like a ton of bricks... My sweet son, it embarrasses your mommy to tell you this, but I think it's important for you to hear. Your mommy had been so busy taking care of you (and being pretty proud about it) that she had forgotten to take care of the most important part. 

As your mommy, I believe my job is to care for your every need and son, I must apologize that I let your biggest, most important need slip right through the cracks. My silly pride came directly before a big ol' fall and you were the one I neglected in the mean time. More important than anything else I do for you - more important than implementing tummy time or singing lullabies or even remembering your Vitamin D drops - the single most important thing I can do for you is to pray over you. I'm sorry, so so sorry, that I let days go by that I didn't cover you from head to toe in prayer. How in the world I got so busy that I forgot to pray for you is absolutely beyond me, but I did. However, I can assure you of one thing, mommy has been making up for lost time! 

Pops taught me when I was very little that he didn't promise unless he absolutely, 100% meant it and that when he did promise, I could count on him to do everything in his power to keep that promise. I think that's a pretty good rule so I'm choosing to do the same thing with you. I will never promise lightly. I will only promise when I absolutely, positively, 100% mean it and when I do promise, Cooper King, you can count on the fact that I will do everything in my power to keep that promise. So today, I am making my very first promise to you:

I promise to never let another day go by without praying for you.

On your first Sunday of life we took you to LifeChurch. The pastor, Craig Groeschel, said something that day that I believe was meant specifically for me to hear. He said, "Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." I truly believe, with my whole heart, that my life calling is to raise you to be a man after God's heart. That job comes with a lot of responsibility and I know mistakes on my part are inevitable, but I am going to do my very best - I will never let a day go by without praying for you. I will watch for teachable moments. I will spend time reading God's word to you and with you. And most importantly, your daddy and I are going to do our best to show you what being a true follower of Christ looks like through our lives. 

Precious boy, I am praying non-stop that the evidence of God's love and forgiveness and mercy will always shine through me so that you will eagerly seek after Him. I pray that God gives me strength and wisdom and guidance to show me how to raise you in a way that you never question His love for you. And I will thank Him, oh, how I will thank Him for letting me be your mommy. You are the very best gift and we are so honored He chose us to be your parents.

So, again, I'm sorry I messed up... it won't be the last time. Thank you for making me want to be a better lover of Jesus... You've only been here a month and you're already making me better! I love you precious boy...

All my love,

One Month Milestones:

Eye Color - Steel blue, almost gray

Weight - A little over 10 pounds

Height - We haven't measured you since you were born but I can tell you are growing because when I lay you in my lap you only fit from your head to your bottom, your legs have to come up! 

Clothing - You can wear a few newborn clothes, but mainly everything is 0-3 months. You fit the newborns perfectly in width but you are wayyy too long for the snaps or leggings. In the 0-3 months everything fits you length wise, but is way too wide. Trust me on this one, in the long run, this is a great problem to have!

Nicknames - Currently I refer to you as "little bird" because you always have your mouth open just like a baby bird looking to be fed.

Sleep - We have not yet attempted to put you on a schedule (mainly because mommy and daddy don't want to be put on a schedule!) but you're sleeping well! You sleep anywhere from 3-4 hours at a time at night, occasionally more. There are a few nights, I think when you are hitting a growth spurt that you are hungry almost every hour... those aren't my favorite, but we've survived them! Thankfully they are few and far between.

Hair - You haven't lost any hair with one small exception - the spot right behind your cowlick. I have no clue what caused that part to fall out, as you clearly haven't been sleeping on the front of your head, but it is a definite bald spot. Luckily, with a little creative combing we cover it up pretty nicely. Daddy thinks your hair is getting lighter, but I think your daddy is losing it... I would describe your hair as very dark brown to black and you have lots of it! You could probably use a bit of a trim in the back but I don't see that happening any time soon... 

You LOVE your hands. They move non-stop! You cross your hands while eating which is pretty darn cute. On the rare occasion that you get upset in the car, I can reach back over the car seat and you will hold one of my fingers with one hand and you will stop crying (melts mommy's heart!). You interlace your fingers with no problem and thankfully, you've stopped trying to get your thumb in your mouth... something I worried about at the start! You also want your hands free while you sleep so we start your swaddle under the arms. 

You have been lifting your head since the day you were born! You've always had remarkable head control and you were apparently very interested to see what was going on since day one. You will just pull your head up, keep it very steady while check everything out and either keep watching or if you aren't completely enamored, lay your head back down. 

You smile more than any baby I've ever seen! You smile while you sleep, while you are awake and when tickled. On the flip side, your pout before you cry is absolutely hysterical. You are the king of sticking that bottom lip wayyyyy out! We feel bad laughing at you while you are crying but we can't help ourselves.

You are just starting to coo and it sounds like you say "Wow" or "Whoa." You've now said both with completely perfect timing twice! Once immediately after Grandpa had told us about a surprising cost on a part of the new house he is building and once when Pops was driving a little recklessly. You have impeccable timing already! Haha!

You love to be cuddled and it makes everyone so happy! Everyone wants to hold you and rock you and you are all for it! You prefer to fall asleep laying chest to chest on me or daddy. You tuck your little feet up and turn your head to one side, resting it on your hands and out you go! 

You are a very good baby and we are so thankful. We can strap you in the back seat and drive for days and you just happily ride along. We can take you to restaurants, church, wherever and you rarely ever fuss (unless you are hungry). You are making us look like we know what we are doing and we appreciate it! Ha! Just know that whether your the best baby in the world or the worst, your mommy and daddy love you more than you can imagine.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cooper: Week 5


Ceiling fan and lights... Baby boy can stare for days!
This week it seemed like Cooper started really seeing us for the first time. He follows us with his eyes and you can tell that he is focusing so much better. He is somewhat entertained by Rylee - they just sit and have staring contest. Ha! 

The little man is LOVING his activity mat. He will sit there as long as the music plays, but when the music stops he's done so Momma makes sure that little music box is always wound tight!

Napping in his crib... kind of. I put him in the crib after he's fallen asleep, if that counts. A week or so ago, he would wake up screaming the second I laid him down in the crib, but this week he's okay with it! Or maybe I've just let him get into a deeper sleep?! Either way, I'm counting it! Next step, putting him in the crib before he's in a solid milk coma... 


I feel like Cooper doesn't have many "not likes" right now. 
He's completely embraced bath time. (Yay!) Diaper changes, well, he has accepted that they are inevitable but he still doesn't love them. But I can't think of anything that he just does not like, over all he is a pretty happy baby!

After feeding Cooper in the middle of the night, he needed a diaper change in the most serious way. I was whispering to him so that we didn't wake his sleeping daddy who was laying next to us in bed... "You are one stinky man! I can smell you all the way from here!" to which Brandon, still dead asleep, replied, "Sorry." Bahahaha! 

This week we tried the pacifier. Cooper had been a bit fussy one day and I was starting to wear down. Brandon and I decided that night that we would give the ol' paci a try. {NOTE: I have zero problem with people giving their children a pacifier. I'm all for it!} So we stuck the thing in the little guy's mouth and at first it just kept popping back out. Brandon held it in his mouth for a second and Cooper took the pacifier... and this momma lost it. My chin got all wobbly... then my eyes filled to the brim with tears... then my legs ran my body straight out of the nursery all the way across the house to our room... then my hand quickly locked me in the closet where I proceeded to straight up ugly cry! Don't ask me to explain it, but I could not handle the sight of something, other than me, comforting my little man. So after Brandon talked me out of the closet we decided to put the pacifier back in the jar until another day... 



Day 29: We sadly did not take a picture at our very fun cousin night! Our sweet cousins, Haley and Maggie, drove down from OSU to meet my brother, other cousin Hayden and us for dinner! We had so much fun just hanging out and were so appreciative for them making the drive just to come see us! Cooper loves those pretty girls!

Day 30: OU played Tulsa and we decided to stay home and watch the game on tv. It turned out that we watched football all day long! I've been all paranoid about Cooper not being too exposed to tv, I don't want him to get hooked, but I make an exception for Saturdays - baby boy can watch all the football he wants! 

Day 31: Cooper is a month old!! How in the world does time fly so incredibly fast? We spent the day by going to LifeChurch and then having a fun lunch date. Cooper also moved into a size 1 diaper today... Growing, growing, growing! 

Day 32: Another night of mommy and Cooper time while daddy was on call - we went to Babies R Us and Nordstrom's Rack before coming home to snuggle. (PS I am a firm believer that the fact that Nordstrom's Rack was randomly placed right next door to the Babies R Us in OKC is a sign that Jesus loves this mommy!) Cooper is a good little shopper already which makes for one happy mom!

Day 33: On September 17th, Brandon and I celebrated our second anniversary by having a lovely dinner at Mickey Mantle's. I highly doubt many newborns frequent Mickey Mantle's, but our Cooper-man crashed that party! We got a few "did you really just bring your baby to dinner" looks, but the sweet boy was a perfect doll the entire time and we had a wonderful night! The last two years have been the best of my life and I am beyond thrilled to get to spend the rest of my days with such a wonderful man.

Day 34: We had our first small group meeting post babies! We had Cooper two days after one of the other couples in our small group had their baby, so we have taken a small hiatus. Unfortunately, we failed to take a picture of Cooper with his new best buddy Jackson! After small group was over, Uncle Awesome came to visit and he put Cooper straight to sleep. Good work Uncle Awesome!

Day 35: Dinner with Grandpa! Brandon's dad came by to spend some time with the little man. Let me tell you, Grandpa Larry is a pro! He changed diapers, bounced, rocked and entertained Cooper completely for hours!! As you can tell from the picture, Cooper was definitely a fan.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cooper: Week 4


Tummy Time! 
Cooper loves some tummy time, but when he wears out he is completely over it... like instantly... and then he throws a fit... He starts kicking his little legs and pushing with his arms repeatedly which results in the third picture. Cranky kid just launches himself right over that Boppy! 

Helping Daddy cook deer steak!

Stroller rides!
Some people read books, others do bath time, we go on a walk before bedtime. It is not our purpose for this to be part of our routine but Brandon and I have always loved an evening stroll and thankfully Cooper appreciates them as well... And it makes a smooth transition into bed time! Yay for us!



Eating underneath a swaddle.
He wants to be able to look around, this is more than a little awkward in restaurants.

That's really it - sweet boy is a happy baby!



Day 22: Did some official "tummy time" (as opposed to just practicing lifting his head on our chest) and he was great, loved the black and white pictures, and when he was done, he was really done!

Day 23: Cooper cheered the Sooners on to another win over West Virginia! Boomer Sooner!

Day 24: Slept in his rocker (aka not in our bed) all night... proud of him, sad for me.

Day 25: Today we went back for another followup with the lactation specialist at the hospital. She suggested we weigh him - baby boy is officially TEN pounds! How did that happen?

Day 26: Cooper was one messsssy baby that day! We spend a lot of time in just a diaper because otherwise the poor baby would run out of clothes daily... In the two hours that daddy was home, he had to change shirts two times! (*Note: Mommy did not put those diapers on so she can't be accused of making them leak on purpose!)

Day 28: Stage 5 clinger... For some unknown reason, Cooper did NOT want to be put down all day. I was completely fine with that! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cooper: Week 3


Making faces while sleeping.

Being an official United States citizen.

Chillin' in his bath robe.


When Uncle Awesome said he looked like Eddie Sutton:



Day 15: Cooper went in for his two week check up and he had regained his birth weight - 8 pounds 10 ounces today! Look at that round belly!

Day 16: First real bath in the big boy tub... Cooper did not love it one bit... But a bath was necessary because we had to get ready for Cooper's first OU Football game!

Before the game, we hung out at Uncle Awesome's house and Cooper napped with his Pops.

Then we went to watch our cousin, Hayden, warm up before her first game cheering on the Sooners with the co-ed cheer squad! Yay Hayden!!

Then Cooper swiped his ticket and we headed in!

Happy to be sitting in the shade! 
This big boy slept until five minutes left in the third quarter!!

Then we took a million attempts at a decent family picture...

and Cooper showed his grandparents some love.

After the game we hung out with some of the cousins - Jake, Hayden, Brooks and Denver

Even Great-Grandma Dorothy came to watch Hayden and cheer on the Sooners... but mainly watch Hayden. We feel pretty confident that this picture has the youngest and oldest Sooner fans in the stadium that night! Grandma Dorothy is 88.5 and Cooper was 2 weeks and 2 days!

Mommy was soooo proud of her good boy!

Day 17: Brandon had his first call night since Cooper was born so Mommy decided to be brave and tried letting Cooper sleep in his crib... a swing and a miss! He was not having it one bit, so we both ended up sleeping in the guest bedroom! Haha! The picture above was the one I sent Brandon - he'd been gone over 8 hours and this was all Cooper and I had done since he left... We like our cuddle time!

Day 19: Flower bath success!! My life long friend, Ashley, had purchased Cooper this super soft flower bath that fits down in your sink... We gave it a try and Cooper loved it! He set perfectly still and seemed to enjoy every second of bath time. Hooray!

Day 21: Cooper was worn out after Sushi Neko and lots of errands