Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cooper: Week 46


Playing with Pops during Daddy's graduation service!

Poppyseed chicken... Cooper's favorite!

Pulling everything out of the drawers

Spinning realllllllly fast in the residents' room!

Evie's toys!
This boy is not afraid of a little pink.

Sleeping in his new room... even if there isn't any furniture yet!

Mornings at the walking trail!!
So good to be home!

Playing with our cousin Henry!! 


The progression of Cooper's first trip to TIME OUT...

 1. Throwing a fit

 2. Laying in the floor screaming 
(I'm taking pictures through the window)

3. Moved so that he could scream and kick the door.

4. Momma got busted! He managed to climb up the wood wall in his room until his entire head was above the window sill, continued to scream bloody murder and then fell. He won, time out over! Hahaha!


Graduation Day! Woohoo!!


Day 316: This day was full of tears - all joyful tears, but tears none the less! Cooper got his first haircut (See all the details here) and it was our last night in OKC. We celebrated with Daddy's residency friends by attending H & 8th - a fun block party packed with food trucks, loud music and lots of people!

Day 317: Residency Graduation!! Daddy's big day finally arrived! We are soooo proud of Brandon - he has sacrificed so much to be able to care for others and somehow always made sure we always were the top priority. We love you sweet Daddy and are so glad you are ours!

Day 318: Miss Ryan made her grand entrance on Daddy's graduation day so we headed straight to meet her as soon as we got home! That evening we celebrated Cooper's best little friend Evie's birthday! Cooper had so much fun with Evie and all her little girlfriends - he was way outnumbered and loved every minute of it!

Day 319: Daddy's 1st Day at Gore Family Medicine! We visited him for lunch and Cooper loved all the new toys at Daddy's new office!

Day 320: Since our house isn't ready quite yet, we are crashing with Pops and MamaShawna which means - pool play with Pops! We hit the homeless jackpot!

Day 321: Another bonus to living at Pops and MamaShawna's - one heck of a live in cook! Cooper loved helping...

Day 322: Baby Ryan finally got to come home so Cooper and I did a secret operation to make her feel extra special by posting pink balloons allllll over her house!  It took two trips  to fit all the balloons and Cooper wasn't too sure about the sharing - he kind of liked all those balloons! That evening we went and watched the pretty fireworks at the football field (unfortunately I didn't take any pictures - whomp whomp)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cooper's 1st Haircut

On June 26th we finally broke down and got the Little Prince a haircut. That one little pesky curl that has been sticking out over his ear and driving me nuts for months was finally going to go - hallelujah! Or so I thought... 

We took Cooper to visit Terry at the Golden Razor, the same barber that gave Cooper's daddy his first haircut. I walked in feeling good about it - "Cooper's hair cut" would finally get checked off my to-do list. I was armed and ready - cheezits, Daddy and my camera. Let's do this thing! I know what every mother out there is thinking, I forgot the envelope that I would collect the hair from his first haircut in. Nope, I didn't forget. I had no desire to gather up the little strands of hair that would fall on the barber's floor. I had read once that Angelina Jolie saved all her children's fingernail clippings and hair - so strange. That's just not me. I'm not that mom. I'm not even very sentimental. Saving hair is weird. I didn't even consider bringing an envelope.

We walk in and waited our turn until Coop was finally up. Brandon stuck him in the big ol' chair and the little babe was not scared one single bit. I got my camera ready. Terry goes straight for that annoying curl and with one quick snip it's gone... 

I thought I was going to shatter into a million pieces on the floor. I quickly hid the big heavy tears rolling down my cheeks behind the camera and snapped away frantically. No one seemed to notice that I was dying right there in the middle of the Golden Razor. Terry asked me if I would like him to stick the little curl into an envelope to save - YES. Yes yes yes yes yes - I NEED that little curl. My baby just went from newborn to twelve year old looking boy when that curl got cut off. I NEED to hold, stare, probably carry that curl around my neck in a locket for the rest of time. Now that I'm thinking about it that curl wasn't so annoying after all... It was the curl he twisted between his little chubby fingers when he was sleepy. It was the curl that made him remain a tiny baby. WHAT HAD I DONE LETTING HIM GET A HAIRCUT?! 

My sweet son never moved a muscle the entire time Terry worked on him. I continued to let the tears drip down my face and tried my best to stop time by frantically taking one picture after another. I wanted to remember how little he looked. I didn't ever want to forget how brave he was. I desperately tried to burn the images of his little legs and feet, not even long enough to dangle over the edge of the chair. 

This baby boy of mine amazes me every day. Literally, daily, I underestimate him and he proves me wrong. Haircut day was one of those days... I so want him to remain tiny. I treat him like he is a baby 95% of the time. But on haircut day, my Little Prince sat bravely in the big boy chair, held perfectly still while the scissors snipped and the clippers buzzed all around his tiny head. I carried in a baby and he turned into a boy right before my eyes while sitting in the barber's chair. And my heart swelled with pride and joy despite the tears.

And while I so desperately want him to remain my teeny-tiny baby, I hope he understands how much I enjoy watching him grow... 

Sweet boy of mine, don't be surprised if you see a stray tear every once in a while because for every haircut from here on out, whether you are two or twenty-two, your Mommy will only see the little boy in the big chair at the Golden Razor.