Friday, July 26, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 36

How Far Along: Thirty-SIX weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 32 pounds and counting...

Maternity Clothes: I think it's probably time to buy another set of the next size up, but I'm resisting because it's almost time for Cooper to make his grand debut so I don't want to buy something that I'll only wear for a few weeks, if that long. I've been SUPER lucky to be pregnant with one of my dear friends who has let me borrow all of her a-dorable dresses for showers! Thanks Kristen!!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: He is still moving constantly, but it's not those quick sharp kicks and punches that it was earlier, now it feels more like long, slow stretches. My belly is constantly changing shapes with a foot sticking out and sliding down my right side...  it's pretty entertaining just to sit and watch!

Sleep: Sleeping well! I can't seem to sleep in even though I want to, but I have no complaints! I fall straight to sleep once I get in bed and I never wake up during the night (apparently I'm one of the lucky few that does not need to get up and go to the bathroom multiple times a night! Yay!)

What I Miss: Honestly, not a thing. Life is way too good to think about what I'm missing.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Cooper's arrival! I am so excited to meet this little guy. It still doesn't feel real to me... I can envision myself having this little boy and running errands with him or doing stuff with a baby in the backseat, but my brain only goes as far as it's used to. Thanks to my adorable little nieces, Blythe and Zoe, I've done all of that stuff before. I've taken Zoe to the grocery store when she was super tiny and Blythe to the park when the only thing we could do was swing in the big plastic swings... but in my head, that's as far as it goes... at the end of the day I took Blythe and Zoe home, but Mr. Cooper is staying with me! That doesn't feel real yet - he'll be all mine! Crazy! 

I'm also really looking forward to seeing him! Since we decided to pass on the 3D/4D ultrasound, we don't have a clue what the little man will look like! I'm guessing big dark eyes and dark hair (hopefully there will be hair... but if not, we'll love him just the same!). Super excited to see his sweet little face!

Cravings: Fresh peaches! At small group last week, one of the girls brought a fruit salad with fresh peaches in it and I've been hooked ever since! Why did I not eat fresh peaches earlier?! I had no idea what I was missing!! Sooooo delicious (especially if you lightly sprinkle a little sugar on top!). 

Aversions: Nothin'

Other Crazy Symptoms: Nothing new that I can think of! My belly button is starting to become a full time outie, but not too bad. People started telling me a few weeks ago that they could tell he had dropped and I couldn't disagree - my clothes all fit funny now because he isn't near as high as he was earlier. 

Daddy Update: This week Daddy has been working nights so he gave Cooper strict instructions to stay put. So far, he's been obliging... we'll see how long that lasts!

Best Moment of the Week: Another great week of fun - my college friends hosted a wonderful shower and I had so much fun getting to catch up with all my girls! I remember the first baby shower we had together - how we couldn't believe we were old enough to be having babies and now a few years later, there aren't many of us left that aren't mommies! Crazy how time flies! The shower was wonderful and Cooper was spoiled with some wonderful presents! So much fun!! (Pictures coming soon!) 

I also had my weekly doctor's appointment and there was some change for the first time ever - I am dilated to a whooping ONE! Ha! It could still be weeks before d-day but it made me kind of snap out of "Oh, I've got plenty of time" mode. Hospital bag is officially packed! It's about to get real people! We can't wait!!

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.
So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.
1 Samuel 1:27-28

Friday, July 19, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 35

How Far Along: Thirty-FIVE weeks and counting...

Total Weight Gain: 30.5 pounds

Maternity Clothes: A mixture of maternity and normal clothes

Gender: BOY!

Movement: Still squirming non-stop. His movements have slowed down a little in the sense that instead of quick punches or jabs, now I get these long, slow motions like he's stretching out and holding it for a minute before curling back up.

Sleep: Sleeping well, but not tired all the time.

What I Miss: I saw a ton of cuuuuuute clothes this week and it made me miss my old body for half a second, but the moment was fleeting as I instantly was reminded that our little Cooper will be here soon and he'll definitely be worth missing one summer of fun outfits.

What I'm Looking Forward To: This weekend my bestie, Sheridan, is coming home from Saint Louis for my shower with my college friends and I'm super duper excited to get to see her! It's been entirely too long. I am eager to see all the ol' girlies - as we are no longer living under the big Pi Phi roof and we don't see each other near as often as we'd like.

Cravings: Chocolate, per usual. My cousin Lyndsey's random pickle recipe - it's a pickle rolled in ham and cream cheese. I know, I know - sounds super weird but it's a pregnant girl's dream! Also, there is this little restaurant in Norman that serves pineapple fried rice with chicken and cashews and it's hard to go wrong with that one!

Aversions: Not much.

Other Crazy Symptoms: Nothing new this week, except possibly that I've been waking up early and feeling ready to roll each morning which is definitely not normal for me! I've always been a lay in bed, watch the news, slow riser but the last few weeks I've been waking up with Brandon (he has to be at work much earlier than I do) and getting to work on things around the house. Don't ask me why - I guess my body is just getting used to the fact that sleeping in is a thing of the past!

Daddy Update: Daddy is still going strong - working away like a crazy man trying to get everything at the hospital at a spot where he can drop it for a few days whenever Mr. Cooper decides to grace us with his presence. I am so thankful that Brandon so badly wants to be helpful and involved and hands on. I know that he is completely worn out but he's so good to check on me and do anything he can to make my life easier.

Best Moment of the Week: There were soooo many good moments this week! We crammed just about as much into one weekend as possible!

On Friday, my sweet friends at work hosted a barbecue and dessert luncheon for little Cooper and everyone packed his little library full of precious books! I love to read and seeing baby books literally made my day!! Sweet little Cooper and I will spend many days pouring over the pages and pictures - I can't wait!

Brandon and I hit the road for home early so that my incredibly talented cousin, Callie, could shoot our maternity pictures. We had so much fun taking pictures with a crew of my cousins there for moral support and to help anyway they could (Have you ever tried to hop in a canoe, in a dress while 8 months pregnant?! We needed all the help we could get!). We are so appreciative that Callie shares her special gift of capturing moments with us! Saturday morning we took our sweet time getting up and at 'em and eating my favorite - waffles and strawberries - for breakfast at the lake with my parents, brother (Zac) and his adorable girlfriend (Jane). Then we headed to the lake for an afternoon of just floating around the dock and relaxing - it was just what we needed!

That evening we hopped in the truck and took off back to the city for a party that Brandon's mom hosted for the new-dad (Brandon) and the dad-again (BK's brother Caleb). It was a "man party" if you will with burgers and diapers galore! Brandon and Caleb had so much fun sitting around the pool with their buddies while the girls did our best to stay cool in the house.

Finally, Sunday morning Brandon went in to work and Zac, Jane and I hopped back on the interstate so that I could make it home in time for Cooper's baby shower! A combination of my sweet hometown friends and family hosted a b-e-a-utiful baby shower at my Aunt's home and we were truly "showered" with wonderful gifts! It was an incredible afternoon - I took lots of pictures and I'll do a separate post to show you all the frilly little details! It was a weekend jam-packed FULL of fun!

Sneak Peek!!
 Callie Prier Photography

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.
So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.

1 Samuel 1:27-28

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 34

How Far Along: Thirty-FOUR weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 27+ pounds... Not sure an exact number because I didn't go see the doctor this week.

Maternity Clothes: Same ol' same ol'

Gender: Baby BOY

Movement: Like a wild child! I finally started feeling hiccups - I probably just didn't recognize them before but now, it's clear what those little tiny, perfectly time pings in my stomach are.

Sleep: Still no problem sleeping whatsoever! Rolling over is a bit more of an issue...

What I Miss: Not. A. Thing.

What I'm Looking Forward To: Baby showers start this week and I could not be more excited!! It's about to get real as I can tell our house is about to be overrun with baby stuff... This will probably set my OCD into a major tailspin but I'll get it all under control in no time!

Cravings: Anything sugary or salty. I need to alternate back and forth so I can continue eating!

Aversions: Randomly, pesto. I have all the ingredients for this shrimp and zucchini pasta with pesto sauce and I've picked up food on my way home two days in a row just so I won't have to make it.

Other Crazy Symptoms: None that are new this week. I feel like an old woman as I tend to moan getting up or down, climbing in the car, etc. I'm not even that uncomfortable, I just have a hard time moving with this big ol' belly!

Daddy Update: Daddy went on a rampage this week! He hung pictures in the nursery, wired in his first chandelier (don't worry, it's a manly chandi if there ever was such a thing!) and he argued with a lady at Babies R Us until the lady gave him the discount he rightfully deserved. Daddy is getting stuff marked off the list and making momma one happy lady!

Best Moment of the Week: I feel like each little detail we work on in the nursery makes a huge difference - I cannot WAIT to post the pictures!! Just waiting on the bedding to finish and a few other odds and ends that need to be finalized. Cooper's arrival is becoming very real and we couldn't be more excited!

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.
So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.
1 Samuel 1:27-28

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Top Ten Things You Need to Survive Pregnancy

So, I am, by no means, an expert on this whole pregnancy gig, but I can tell you what saved my sanity throughout this pregnancy. Some of these are probably no brainers, others you may not know about... {**This post kind of turned into a marathon blog, sorry, apparently I have strong feelings about these things!}

1. Mama Mio Tummy Rub. I am not one of those people who always tries the latest in beauty products. I do not sign up for BirchBox, because although it sounds fun to get a package of goodies in the mail each month, I know I wouldn't actually use them. So when my sister-in-law told me that I just HAD to try the Mama Mio Tummy Rub I thought, okay, I'll check it out. I am prone to having stretch marks. I've always been built like a bean pole but even at an early age when I was tumbling daily and lifting weights for basketball, I would get stretch marks when my muscles started to develop. So, needless to say I was a little nervous about my stomach never being the same post-pregnancy. I typed it in on ol' Amazon and saw $35 for 4 ounces - I literally laughed out loud. Yeah right. Unless it's made of gold... or possibly chocolate... I'm not interested. Then a month later I was at a Pea in the Pod trying on clothes and they had a sample bottle in the dressing room. Okay, for free, sure I'll give it a spin. Wowzer. I have never felt a lotion so thick, creamy and smooth in my life! I was still completely opposed to the price, but the store was running a sale on the set so that I got the tummy rub, regular lotion (which is also great) and shower gel (it's shower gel, nothing special) for $50. I am so glad I did. I have not had a SINGLE stretch mark whatsoever. The little 4 ounce bottle has covered me perfect for the entire pregnancy and to top it all off, I've had to fight off Brandon, who truly has the driest skin ever (literally... like leather... not exaggerating) because he keeps stealing the regular lotion. Bottom line, cheap? Nope. Worth it? Definitely!

2. Snacks. I know, obviously, snacks are essential when your body and baby are growing around the clock, but I have some rules about pregnancy snacks. I am typically against all things rules - no need to make a rule unless you absolutely need it - but I learned very quickly that in order not to "blow up" I was going to need a few "helpful guidelines" when it came to snacks. I don't have any guidelines about forbidden snacks - chocolate, for example, is being eaten a lot around here... My guidelines are all about portion control! I do my best to buy healthy snacks, but let's face it healthy snacks are more expensive and when they come prepackaged in snack sizes the price goes up even more. To resolve this issue I bought a box full of snack size Ziplocks and went to town! AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME FROM THE GROCERY STORE, wash, cut and divide up your fruit into snack size bags. If I don't do it immediately, I don't do it at all and my fruit typically goes to waste. I chop strawberries, pineapple, kiwi and count out 20 grapes per bag. (That's my OCD, 20 grapes isn't some golden rule I just like things to be even.) Fruit is a yummy, sweet snack that will conquer your sweet tooth, make it convenient!! Buy bulk nuts (Personal fave: Planters NUT-rition Wholesome Nut Mix) and then scoop half of a cup into individual bags for on the go. You don't have to cut out delicious ice cream but NEVER buy a carton, this is just setting yourself up for failure! I would put ten scoops into one bowl, drown it in Hershey's sauce and consider it one bowl of ice cream... Just because it all fits into one bowl doesn't mean it should. Now I buy individually wrapped ice cream bars (Weight Watchers English Toffee Crunch and Edy's All Natural Strawberry Fruit Bars) and am completely satisfied after one! If you can control the portion sizes and can throw in as many healthy snacks as possible, you and baby will be happier and healthier at the end of nine months of eating!

3. Gilligan & O'Malley Panties. So, I know what you're thinking - "Panties? Really?" Yes, really. Trust me, the very last thing you want when your belly is growing daily is to have panties on that feel like they are cutting off the circulation to your legs or stomach. There are panties designed specifically for pregnancy and I must admit I did not try them so I can't tell you if they are a-mazing or a-nightmare, but I saw the pricetag on those bad boys and instantly knew they would not be taking residence at my house. If I'm going to have to purchase an entire new wardrobe for a five month span of time when my clothes don't fit, I do not plan on dropping all my money on underwear. This is where Target saved the day! The Gilligan & O'Malley Micro Seamless line has got to be the most comfortable and stretchy (but in a comfortable no matter how much you've grown stretchy, not the I'm about to fall off stretchy) pair of panties ever made. They are 79 % Nylon/21 % Spandex and come in lots of fun colors and patterns - they have some with lace, some that are seamless (the picture above) and all for a very reasonable 5 for $25. Sign. Me. Up!

4. Prenatal Yoga. I am not I didn't think I was, a "yoga person." Turns out the stereotype of "yoga person" in my head and the real deal were not even close to the same thing! (In case you were wondering - yoga people wear shoes to class, bathe regularly and don't talk like they just smoked a lot of drugs that are only legal in the state of Colorado.) I apologize for my uneducated, ignorant, snap judgments. Now that we've cleared that up... I had a good friend who raved about prenatal yoga. I really didn't get what all the hype was about, last time I checked I was breathing on my own just fine and had no need for getting all "zen" but so far in all things pregnancy this friend had not led me astray so I decided to give it a try and roped in another friend who is currently pregnant to go with me, just in case it was super awkward. We both showed up the first day more than a little skeptical, but within a fifty minute period we realized (a) all those stereotypes were way off, (b) yoga was fun, (c) stretching felt better than it ever felt before and (d) we were going to be die-hard prenatal yoga people. Since hitting the 12 week mark, my friend Kristen and I have been attending prenatal yoga once a week and it's something we both look forward to the other six days... Not only do we learn fabulous stretches that make our achy, growing bodies feel sooooooo good, but they also explain relaxation techniques to use during labor and delivery, demonstrate the most comfortable ways to sleep and do little things that you didn't realize you wouldn't be able to do, like stand up (If you haven't ever been pregnant or you're early on in your pregnancy this won't make sense to you now, but trust me it will later.), and you get to enjoy a class with a bunch of other pregnant people who can relate to your fatigue, soreness or whatever else you're dealing with. I HIGHLY recommend that you look into prenatal yoga - the company I use is based out of Oklahoma City but offer classes all over, it's called Mamaste Yoga. We LOVE our adorable teacher and after Cooper arrives I plan to take the postnatal Mama & Baby yoga class and the Stroller classes (the stroller class is FREE if you do the prenatal classes - woohoo I love free workout classes!).
5. Mini Coca-Cola. So clearly this one isn't probably the "healthy" choice you were expecting, but I want to keep it real and mini Coco-Colas are really happenin' at our house right now. I have tried my best to follow all the eating while preggo guidelines - no sandwich meat unless it's steaming hot, none of the good cheeses, no cookie dough (which if you knew me you'd know this was a serious sacrifice) or homeade ice cream, no hotdogs... the list goes on and on... but mini-Cokes, well, I bent the rule on that one. Actually I haven't read anything that says "No caffeine" but since I already don't drink coffee, tea or energy drinks, I decided to take it a step further and drop my every-once-in-a-while Cokes. That was all good until I started getting a touch of altitude sickness while we were in Peru - it felt kind of like a headache on steroids. So Brandon told me to take a couple Tylenol, but I hate taking any medicine when I'm not pregnant, I absolutely refuse when I am, so instead I ordered a Coke at dinner and like magic my headache disappeared! Ever since, mini-Coca Colas have been my go-to headache relief, energy boost, just need a little something sweet guilty pleasure. I still self-impose rules - no more than one every other day and they have to be the mini kind - but nevertheless they make me happy and sometimes you just need a little splurge!

6. Books. I must confess that after law school, my love for reading kind of took a hit. I was so over it - I'd spent three years with my nose in one gigantic, ridiculously heavy textbook after another and reading no longer felt like a pleasurable activity. That took a massive u-turn when I found out I was pregnant! I'm back to "studying" again for the biggest final ever on August 15th. I read anything and everything I can get my hands on and I'm loving every minute of it. I am a firm believer that the more educated I am on a topic, the less scary or intimidating it is - bringing a baby into the world is no exception. The more I read, the more confident I feel.

So - here's my latest list of what's sitting on my bedside table:
What to Expect When You're Expecting. Love this book's weekly break down of how little Cooper is growing! Every Thursday morning I wake up and read what this week will bring for our little man. There is also so much information in this book on how my body is changing - WARNING: I HIGHLY suggest that you do not read this from cover to cover! What to Expect gives lots of information on the scary parts of pregnancy that don't necessarily apply to most/all women. If you read it, you will become paranoid... Read the weekly updates and then skim the headings of the rest of the chapter, if whatever the topic discusses is not currently happening to you then SKIP IT. If something scary does happen (for instance I had some spotting early in pregnancy) then use the index in the back to look up that specific thing and then read. This book is a great resource that I have relied heavily on, but do not let it make you spend the next nine months royally stressed out.
Breastfeeding Made Simple. This book comes highly recommended from the well loved lactation specialist at Brandon's hospital. Brandon told her I planned to breastfeed, I wanted to read as much as possible about it before Cooper got here and asked for her suggestions. (He's good like that) This was the single book that she recommended! She explained that a lot of people "over-think" breastfeeding (that would probably be me...) and she believed this book told you everything you needed to know without filling you full of worthless worries.
Baby Bargains. I received this as a gift from my good friend and recently-new-mommy, Heather at For the Love of Paisley (Check out her adorable blog! Seriously could their family be any cuter!?). I'm not going to tell you much about this one right now because I will cover it in more detail when I do a registry post, but know that Heather totally hooked me up because this book came in SUPER handy while trying to make the nine billion decisions during registering, buying Cooper's nursery furniture, etc. Buy it now, you'll thank me (and Heather) later.
The New Contented Little Baby Book. This one I can't swear by yet, because I don't have an actual baby to try the technique on, but it's been an interesting read that came highly recommended by several mommies I know. Basically, it's a different version of BabyWise which helps you set a schedule from the day the baby is born so that you'll have "the happiest baby on the block" although realistically we all know we try these things in hopes of getting to sleep a decent number of hours! Most the mommies I know, and I can guarantee I will fall into this category come August, did not follow the recommended schedule perfectly, but adjusted it to what worked for their family. A lot of the "rules" are much more rigid than anything I would even pretend to try, but the bottom line makes perfect sense and I was interested to read a new perspective on baby schedules.

(I stole this picture off the internet, those are my hands/feet so don't get all weirded out)
7. Mani/Pedis. Let's cut to the chase: (1) When everything else on your body is feeling out of control and looks different, having nails that look nice make you feel pretty and can help you falsely convince yourself that you've still got it together. (2) The little mini-massage they give you is worth every dime by itself. (3) Let's face it, there is no way you could reach your toes even if you wanted to.

8. Vacation Days. So I read once in a blog, years before I was even thinking about having a baby, that using a few vacation days before having a baby was a really good idea. This made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Clearly, having a baby was going to suck up every one of your "get out of jail free" days at work, why would you burn them in advance?! Now I know. Now more than ever, Brandon and I find our time together very, very valuable. We know that "alone" time is limited. We understand that when Cooper arrives, it'll never be all about us again. We get it - the days of deciding to go to the movies last minute are done, eating out just got a lot harder and vacation... well, our fingers are crossed that we'll just plow through all the difficulties of traveling with a tiny. So with all those things in mind, we have focused on making the most of our vacation days! You don't have to go to Italy to spend quality time with your spouse (although, I must admit, it's a great thing to do if you get the option!), I suggest taking off a day or two and just go with your spouse to do whatever your little heart delights in! Turn off your phone, don't check your email, just enjoy each other!! It's precious time and it's a vacation day very well spent.

9. A Very Patient Husband. I cannot adequately express my appreciation and gratitude for my sweet husband over the last eight months. This man has been an absolute life saver... The first few months he did literally everything when I was exhausted beyond belief or sick and whining - bills, cleaning, laundry, cooking, refraining from cooking when I couldn't stand the smell, the list goes on and on. Then when I finally got my energy back and things seemed to be on the way back to normal, well, that's when the pounds started packing on and trying to find something to wear seemed like absolute torture. I, admittedly, did not take this like a champ, but that sweet husband of mine would always pick me up off the closet floor, hug my neck, kiss the top of my head and do his very best to convince me that I was the prettiest girl he'd ever seen - belly or no belly. And then he'd send me off to buy a new outfit that made me feel just a little more confident about my expanding waist line. Now that I've grown accustomed to my ever growing bump, sweet husband has been chored with a whole new set of responsibilities - carry every little thing that might be heavy, help me analyze each tiny nursery detail, hang pictures, move the crib, move the crib back, sit through childbirth class and appear interested even though you've delivered a ton of babies and could be teaching this class... And he does it all with a kind and patient smile. I try to always tell him thank you and I do my best to not be demanding, but to be very honest I feel like in just the last eight months alone I've got my money's worth out of those vows we said a few Septembers ago. I couldn't have picked a better partner in the world to help me raise our Cooper. I hope I do half as good of a job as my husband's momma did...

10. Turns out, I only needed nine things to survive! Couldn't think of a tenth one for the life of me! Lucky you, this post has finally come to an end. Please feel free to leave a comment if there's something that you couldn't live without and I don't have on my list!!

Be Blessed!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 33

How Far Along: Thirty-three weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 27 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Finally found a halfway decent maternity swimsuit this week - I'm pretty sure they don't make 'cute' maternity swimsuits but I found one that would work. I couldn't stand the thought of subjecting Brandon's family to bare belly on the 4th!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Daddy did an ultrasound this week and Mr. Cooper is head down just like he's supposed to be... Great for delivery, bad for my rib cage which now seems to be his prime kicking target. Thankfully, he's typically pretty gentle, but occasionally I'll catch one that makes me jump!

Sleep: I'm out like a light as soon as my head hits the pillow...

What I Miss: We had a wonderful 4th of July in OKC, but I always miss being at the lake on this fun holiday... and pretty much every other day! (Side note: T-299 days until we are officially full time lake bums! But who's counting?)

What I'm Looking Forward To: A weekend of projects! I've got pictures to hang and a few crafts to knock out (or at least get started on). I want to finish cleaning up our office, which became our temporary storage room when we emptied out the nursery. Nesting is definitely underway at the King House.

Cravings: All things sweet. Fruit, cake, chocolate... you name it I'll happily eat it.

Aversions: Not a thing really grosses me out.

Other Crazy Symptoms: Belly button update - still completely flat, unless I sneeze/cough in which case it pops out momentarily and then returns to flat. Thankfully I haven't had hardly any swelling and I'm not yet at the uncomfortable phase that everyone tells me is still to come. Overall, I feel great - I realized really quickly in this pregnancy that the more I was up and at 'em, the better I felt so I try to keep as busy as possible.

This is a really random "symptom" but I'm pretty sure my laugh has changed as my belly has grown. I think my normal laugh is still pretty normal, but when I find something seriously funny, like when you think you might laugh until you cry, I have this completely new full blown belly chuckle... and it sounds so weird that it makes me laugh even harder. For some reason, I am the only one who finds this hysterical and then I find myself virtually dying of laughter and Brandon just staring at me like I've lost my mind... Maybe I have?!

Daddy Update: Daddy is doing good! He is really starting to get excited/anxious. I can tell from things he says that little Cooper is always in the back of his mind. He's ready to pack a hospital bag, finish up the nursery, get all our ducks in a row right this minute and then just sit and wait! (I'm still not quite to the "right this minute" part) We spent the Fourth of July swimming the day away in his mom's backyard with our adorable little nephew, Brooks. Watching Brandon play with Brooks melts my heart... he is going to be such a good daddy.

Best Moment of the Week: Overall it's just been a really nice week. Brandon and I had a great weekend of just relaxing. We survived our first childbirth class (the first one was pretty basic - this week we watch a full delivery which I feel like will be awkward, but oh well!). We got to see Cooper and he cooperated nicely! We visited Dr. Moore and he agreed that all is right on schedule. An insurance adjuster came to check out our roof (everyone in our neighborhood has had to get their roof redone post-tornadoes), and it checked out perfectly! The list just goes on and on, but the bottom line remains the same. We are blessed.

It's kind of like the opposite of deja vu.

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him.

So now I give him to the Lord. For his whole life he will be given over to the Lord.
1 Samuel 1:27-28