Friday, April 25, 2014

Cooper: Week 35


Mr. Bunny.
Gabby bought Cooper and Evie an adorable little bunny that hops and makes cute little sounds. Cooper is mesmerized... well, until he grabs it by the ear and knocks it over...

Hanging out with his Aunt Jana at the baseball fields.
This was Cooper's first baseball game and he had a great time! It's so nice to go to a game and not have a worry in the world as your son gets passed all around. It's really nice to be home! I am so grateful to get to raise our boy in a community that will watch out for him and love on him like he was their own. 
*For the record, he also spent some quality time with his Uncle Neal, Aunt Tyra, Uncle Pat and Aunt Suzanne at the game as well, I just didn't get pictures of them...

Pulling up and walking on EVERYTHING.

Our new word book.
So many pictures and words and animals!

Visiting his great-grandma Dortha in the middle of a massive wind storm!


Waiting on Evie to blow a bubble.
Cooper wanted to do it himself...

Boo boos.
Mean ol' bed bucked him off.


We take it verrrry serious.

We've been crawling for quite some time now, but this week Cooper seems to have found his crawling stride! The Little Prince can scoot!!

Helping the big boys tie up our first load of furniture to move home.

Pops snapped a quick pic of us right before the storm blew in...
Mommy loves this sweet boy, skinned nose and all!


Day 239: Cooper, Daddy, Mommy and Pops went on a quick trip around Fort Smith marking things off the remodel to do list. Coop's nose made mommy cry again this morning, but he didn't seem to mind it. We watched our cousin Denver and the Mighty Wolverines win a great baseball game on our way home! We are so excited to be moving home right in time for Denver's senior year.

Day 240: We had a girls morning and Coop had the privilege of tagging along - Mommy, Gabby, Gigi, Jane, Evie and Coop started with a quick lunch at the tea room, some downtown shopping and then a fun trip to the park! Cooper cheered on Evie as she conquered the biggest slide of all time - seriously, I went down it with her the first time and I was scared...

Day 241: We had a nice morning at church and then a yummy lunch at Gabby and Pops house. We packed up our things and went to visit our new house one last time before we left. Oh we are so excited about our new house! Brandon had to run back to the hospital to wrap a few things up before we hit the road, so Coop and I snuck down the hill and took a few pictures with the pretty blue sky.

Day 242: We stayed home (because it randomly snowed!) and let Cooper play with the basket of Easter eggs... He would dump the entire basket and then clap for himself! Then Mommy would come pick them all up! It was a very fun game!

Day 243: A typical Tuesday - Music class, followed by lunch with Gramma Helen and Jerry! After lunch we ran down to the state capital to fill out some paper work... I ran and Brandon stayed in the car with Cooper because he was sleeping. Well, it ended up taking almost two hours and, of course, Cooper woke up and I had the car keys in my purse! This is how I found these two when I finally got back to the parking lot... Poor boys! AND it was Cooper's 8 month birthday - almost forgot!!

Day 244: Met Grammy for dinner but no pictures!

Day 245: Headed back to Vian - still no pictures!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cooper: Week 34


This boy is girl crazy already...
He wouldn't take his eyes off of her. 
It's going to be a problem.

Playing with his birthday twin, Kamryn.
It's fun to watch these two. They are always going to have a special bond.
Busy hands, precious piggies, quick smiles... Sweet babies.

Reading in the buff.

Feeding Rylee from his high chair.
It's the only time she is happy to see him.

Bath time.
It's still a favorite, except now it's all about exploring the big tub.
Cooper has outgrown the whale, Mommy just hasn't accepted it yet.

Reading with Daddy.
Cooper is suddenly at the age where interactive books are so entertaining!
Watching these two melts my heart... 

Pulling up NON-STOP.
Nothing is off limits.

Making this face. 
I have no clue where he learned it, but he does it all the time and it cracks us up!

Books. Books. Books.
This boy loves his books and we take at least one everywhere we go!


When Mommy tortures him and makes him take pictures wearing things like bunny ears...

That the books are neatly put up in the stroller... 
He slowly makes his way over to it, pulls up and then promptly pulls the books out and throws them on the ground. Oh boy, it has begun...


Well, he started clapping last week, but I didn't get a picture until this week!

Baby boy made his first basket
As you can imagine, this was pretty exciting stuff at our house!

Cooper still isn't super consistent with this, but he's getting better!
Now the challenge of getting it on film begins...


Because sometimes... 
In a rare fleeting moment... 
I see the tiny baby I brought home from the hospital.
I hold him.
And do my best to permanently burn every last detail of this minute into my memory.

There were three in the bed and the little one said, "Roll over... roll over..."


Day 232: Just spent the day trying to get our life in order... Errands, errands, errands!

Day 233: Daddy has his Board Exam and Cooper and Mommy helped host a fun little Sip 'n See for our sweet friends, Britanny and Baby Loren! Cooper and his two other buddies (Aydan & Rhys) were definitely outnumbered but they didn't seem to mind... Cooper was passed all around while I helped set up and take pictures during the party! (Special thanks to Cooper's favorite entertainers - Karen & Bunny!) It was great fun to get to reunite with so many dear college friends and see the gang of babies all together! Cooper partied so hard he went down for the count before we got out of the driveway...

Day 234: We went to LifeChurch with Grandpa Larry and then headed over to Uncle Caleb and Aunt Ashlee's house to celebrate our favorite birthday boy - Fireman Brooks! Ashlee threw an adorable party and we had such a great time getting to see so many of our family and friends... Cooper loved playing with his big cousins!

Day 235: Practiced our dipping by making a HUGE mess with yogurt and apples... The picture of the apples in the bowl is extra special to me as you can see the two tiny teeth marks from the only two teeth Cooper has that have completely broken through. He does the best he can with what little teeth he has! Of course, a bath was required immediately afterwards.

Day 236: Another crazy day of music class, visit with Gramma and swim lessons! Cooper didn't think going under was near as fun as last week, but swimming with the noodle was a big hit! He is getting much more consistent with floating on his back... every time he gets a little more relaxed!

Day 237: We had an extra fun playdate with Brooks, Kamryn & Hallie, but we were having so much fun that Mommy snapped one picture of Kamryn and never picked her camera back up! It was so nice to get to talk all things Mommy while the kids played together! That night we met Grandpa Larry and Sonya for a fun birthday dinner at the new-ish (new to us at least!) restaurant, KDs! Yummy food, but even better company!

Day 238: We headed to Vian for the weekend and loaded up our first of many truckloads for the move... Mommy hasn't exactly started packing yet (oh boy am I ever dreading that part...) but we brought home the hutch we bought to use as a vanity in the guest bath and loaded Uncle Awesome's truck with the claw foot tub for the master bath! Exciting things are happening at the new house!