Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Cooper: Week 10


Hanging out with his Pops

Watching football with his Daddy

Talking to his Daddy... 
Pretty much doing anything with his Daddy honestly.


Cooper still likes his car seat BUT he does not like to be hot and his car seat makes him really, really hot. Unfortunately my SUV doesn't have vents in the ceiling so he can't feel the AC when we are driving so he will be happy as a little lark for the first 10-15 minutes - kicking and chattering and moving a thousand motions a minute - and then the hot hits and he is not a happy camper. The only solution that we've been able to find that alleviates this problem is to drive with the windows down, he feels the wind, cools off and is happy again. So if you run into me and my hair looks like I've been in a crazy windstorm, now you know why! The things we do to keep babies happy...


This little set of pictures makes me so happy because my little man is turning into quite the smiler... well, as least he smiles for a while and then when he's over it he is over it! The "boys hate pictures stage" is already upon us!


Cooper and his favorite banker, Ashley!

Feet stamping!

Day 64: What a busy, busy day! We hit the road to Tahlequah, Oklahoma to file Cooper's application to be added to the Cherokee rolls - apparently they are a little behind on working through the applications so they said we should get his card sometime in 2015... Seriously. Then we went on to my hometown where my long time best friend, Ashley, set up Cooper's first bank account! Our little man is the youngest patron of Armstrong Bank! We set him up a savings account so that we can deposit all his birthday, Christmas, whatever money gifts into a safe place so that someday when he grows up he can cash it in on a meaningful gift. Finally we called it a night at my parents' house where my mom used Cooper's chubby little feet to help decorate canvases for a women's retreat she was helping with. Once we got him in a verrrrry deep sleep, his wiggling toes were much more cooperative! 

All bundled up for our morning walk

Day 65: Cooper and I woke up early and met Aunt Lyndsey, Aunt Callie and cousin Blake for a walk around the beautiful city lake. With the trees starting to turn and the mist rising off the water, it made for the perfect little stroll! That evening our little family headed over to Casey and Lyndsey's house for soup and the World Series! The boys crashed on the couch while the girls chatted and entertained the kiddos - always fun to get to hang out with these guys!

Day 66: Momma's birthday lunch! Cooper helped me blow out the candles and was the perfect little man while we ate one of my favorite meals - chicken and dumplings!

Day 67: We finally came back to Oklahoma City and the little man was just worn smooth out all day long.

Day 68: Another fun trip to baby yoga and then a visit with Gramma Helen and Jerry. We always get to Gramma's right in time for Cooper's nap so he is either a bit fussy or out cold the entire time we are there - this week out cold was the winner!

Day 69: Two month shots and check up. My tough boy took those mean ol' shots like an absolute champ! He cried when they poked him, but the second I picked him up the tears ended and he was good to go for the rest of the day! That evening he absolutely crashed into a zombie state, but he never got cranky! He just laid on his daddy and zoned completely out. One tough little cookie!

This was also Cooper's first night of sleeping in his crib ALL night long! He didn't necessarily sleep all night but he remained in the crib - I typically give in out of exhaustion (or desire to cuddle) and put him in bed with us, but not tonight! He only woke up a few times and handled it much better than expected! It's a step in the right direction.

Day 70: So every year it is my goal to fit into my wedding dress on our anniversary... This year presented a bit of a challenge as Cooper showed up just a month and a handful of days before our second anniversary so I gave myself a few courtesy weeks before trying on the little white number. It didn't zip all the way but it got a lot closer than expected! I'm going to choose to believe the zipper got too tight because of my newly blossomed, ahem, accessories. Ha! As you can see, my sweet son was very impressed. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Cooper: Week 9


Watching football with his daddy.

Bubble Baths!
Cooper took his first bubble bath this week and he LOVED it!
Maybe we are over the water phobia, fingers crossed...
Sorry for the booty pics, but it was too cute not to share!

Cousin Time!
Cooper and Kamryn (and Brooks) got to hang out two days this week.
They very sweetly cooperated for pictures and even held hands!

**Can we take a time out and look at how gigantic my baby is? 
These two are three hours apart in age... Seriously, he is a giant.**

Riding the buckin' bull! 
(More commonly known as a Bumbo, but we prefer to pretend it's an adventure)


Sharing anything with Rylee, such as:

Mommy's lap...

Or his toys...


Soakin' it up


Day 57: Grammy (Brandon's mom) had shoulder surgery so we all hung out at the hospital and then went to lunch. Grammy was an absolute champ and is well on her way to a full recovery! After Uncle Caleb took Grammy home, Cooper and I sat on the Kaiser's patio and enjoyed the perfect fall weather... and a crazy amazing chocolate shake. 


(We practice "Touchdown Wolverines!" daily)

 How we felt about the game. Whomp whomp.

Day 58: OU/Texas. It didn't go well... so I just stopped watching the game and started taking Cooper's pictures. Much more fun.

Day 59: Brandon's Uncle Charlie has Huntington's disease and each year Charlie's family and friends roll out to participate in the OKC Huntington's Walk. As usual, Team Charlie had the most participants and we were happy to show our support for this sweet man!

Day 60: Mommy's Birthday! Cooper gave Mommy the very best present ever - he smiled at me for the very first time!! Cooper has been a smiler since the beginning, but the morning of my birthday we were having our morning chat and I was talking to him when he looked right at me and gave the biggest smile! My. Heart. Melted!! From that moment on he has been a non-stop interactive smiler and we are the happiest Mommy and Daddy around. Did I say "best present ever" yet? Best. Present. EVER.

Day 61: This pretty boy hit the two month mark... Post coming soon!

Day 62: Cooper and Mommy worked around the house... which somehow translates into a naked baby picture... He's a cutie, I can't help myself.

Day 63: This was Day One of "the schedule." I'm not too serious about implementing a schedule, but we are giving it a try just to see how the Cooper-man feels about it. Day One was completely successful with the exception of the little detail that for some reason Cooper refused to nap anywhere but on his Mommy - it definitely cut down on my productivity, but I realize that the days of cuddling will end much sooner than I want so I just rocked and snuggled and napped the day away with my precious baby.