Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cooper: Week 51


Napping on the boat.
The sun and rocking make a deadly combination!

Pushing the cart.
VERY QUICKLY pushing the cart.

Mama Shawna.
She's pretty great.

Being a boy.
Just eating dirt and stuff.

Watching Pops, Daddy & Momma water ski.

Walking Rylee.
He takes his position as "Leash Holder" very serious.

He gives Puppy the very best hugs.

Watching Pops trim trees on the roof.

Exploring the fridge.

Of course.

Chatting it up with Haley!


Being sick. 
It's no fun whatsoever.

Realllllly hard to pick a favorite this week! 


Day 351: The boys started off the morning right - breakfast on the porch! The dads brought home some bigggggg fish and we spent the day playing on the lake. That evening Pops brought his fishing boat by and we were off to catch some sand bass! Such a fun day with our friends!

Day 352: Another day of lake fun with the Dudes! 

Day 353: Hands down one of my favorite sets of pictures ever. These photos perfectly portray Cooper and Jackson and their adorable little friendship. They are both extremely happy, loving boys who have so much fun together! Brandon and I are so very grateful to have such wonderful friends and we cherish the relationship our sweet boys have!

Day 354: Cooper was feeling a bit under the weather this morning so we watched his first Disney movie! He sat perfectly still and I'm not sure if it was because he felt terrible or because he was in awe of Buzz Lightyear. That afternoon Pops came by to check on him and while we sat on the patio chatting, Cooper drew his first artwork! He worked and worked for over ten minutes - it was really fun to watch him concentrate!

Day 355: Cooper loves driving to the mailbox in the gator... loves....

Day 356: Nine days before his first birthday Cooper went water skiing for the first time! Coop did SO good! He wasn't scared. He didn't cry. He just held on tight to Pops and enjoyed the ride! These are pictures I know he (and Pops) will cherish for years and years to come! 

Day 357: Rain, rain, go away! Cooper King wants to play! Cooper and Mommy really enjoyed watching the pretty rain fall out the window all morning... Such a perfect summer day!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cooper: Week 50


Box rides from Daddy!
You gotta do, what you gotta do to entertain a tiny!

Unrolling every roll of toilet paper in our house.
Thank you Cooper.

Catching some big ol' catfish with Pops!

Tubing!!... and then sleeping!


Swim diaper embarrassment.
Uncle Awesome brought it to everyone's attention that nobody spilt a drink at dinner and yet, there was still a large wet spot directly under Cooper. 
Not nice Uncle Awesome, not nice at all.

I have two this week! 

#1. It's kind of difficult to see but that is a picture of Cooper cuddling with me in bed. Cooper NEVER wants to cuddle in bed so the fact that we were both getting to sleep at the same time was a mere miracle. Love that sweet boy so much and love that his Daddy quietly snapped a picture before heading off to work so that we could enjoy a little much needed rest.

#2. I love this picture of these two! You know it's been a great day at the lake when all children have completely crashed in the floor of the boat!


Day 344: Unpacking... Guess who got to sleep in their very own room?! Cooper did!

Day 345: More unpacking... Will it ever end?! On the bright side we got the tv hung and Cooper likes it! Even if it isn't on!

Day 346: Mommy and Daddy took a break from the boxes and went on a hot (literally) date kayaking the lower Illinois River. We had so much fun with Uncle Neal, Aunt Tyra, Haley and Maggie! Having such beautiful scenery right out our backdoor is one of the reasons we were so excited to head home to Eastern Oklahoma! Cooper stayed busy with MamaShawna and Pops at our house. We knew they would have great fun playing, but we sure didn't expect to come home to a brand new mailbox - set up and ready! Turns out Pops and Cooper-man are a pretty good team!

Day 347: The next day it was back to the boxes! But we ended up taking a quick dinner break out on the lake. During the summer all the floating restaurants are open and it's much quicker to get there by boat than by land, so away we went! Cooper and Pops kept each other entertained the whole way there and back!

Day 348: Really exciting night (this is going to sound like sarcasm, but it isn't) - we went grocery shopping!! Our little family enjoyed a yummy patio dinner and then headed to the grocery store! You guys, I haven't bought groceries in months!! We were so excited to have OUR food in OUR refrigerator in OUR kitchen at OUR house! 

Day 349: Frantic unpacking! Cooper was happy to find his kitchen stuff!

Day 350: Guess who came to visit?! Cooper's best buddy, Jackson! These two little cuties had sooooo much fun being reunited! We spent every possible minute playing as hard as we could!

And we will leave you with this record transition time between happy picture taking and completely over it! Enjoy: