Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Cooper: Week 5


Ceiling fan and lights... Baby boy can stare for days!
This week it seemed like Cooper started really seeing us for the first time. He follows us with his eyes and you can tell that he is focusing so much better. He is somewhat entertained by Rylee - they just sit and have staring contest. Ha! 

The little man is LOVING his activity mat. He will sit there as long as the music plays, but when the music stops he's done so Momma makes sure that little music box is always wound tight!

Napping in his crib... kind of. I put him in the crib after he's fallen asleep, if that counts. A week or so ago, he would wake up screaming the second I laid him down in the crib, but this week he's okay with it! Or maybe I've just let him get into a deeper sleep?! Either way, I'm counting it! Next step, putting him in the crib before he's in a solid milk coma... 


I feel like Cooper doesn't have many "not likes" right now. 
He's completely embraced bath time. (Yay!) Diaper changes, well, he has accepted that they are inevitable but he still doesn't love them. But I can't think of anything that he just does not like, over all he is a pretty happy baby!

After feeding Cooper in the middle of the night, he needed a diaper change in the most serious way. I was whispering to him so that we didn't wake his sleeping daddy who was laying next to us in bed... "You are one stinky man! I can smell you all the way from here!" to which Brandon, still dead asleep, replied, "Sorry." Bahahaha! 

This week we tried the pacifier. Cooper had been a bit fussy one day and I was starting to wear down. Brandon and I decided that night that we would give the ol' paci a try. {NOTE: I have zero problem with people giving their children a pacifier. I'm all for it!} So we stuck the thing in the little guy's mouth and at first it just kept popping back out. Brandon held it in his mouth for a second and Cooper took the pacifier... and this momma lost it. My chin got all wobbly... then my eyes filled to the brim with tears... then my legs ran my body straight out of the nursery all the way across the house to our room... then my hand quickly locked me in the closet where I proceeded to straight up ugly cry! Don't ask me to explain it, but I could not handle the sight of something, other than me, comforting my little man. So after Brandon talked me out of the closet we decided to put the pacifier back in the jar until another day... 



Day 29: We sadly did not take a picture at our very fun cousin night! Our sweet cousins, Haley and Maggie, drove down from OSU to meet my brother, other cousin Hayden and us for dinner! We had so much fun just hanging out and were so appreciative for them making the drive just to come see us! Cooper loves those pretty girls!

Day 30: OU played Tulsa and we decided to stay home and watch the game on tv. It turned out that we watched football all day long! I've been all paranoid about Cooper not being too exposed to tv, I don't want him to get hooked, but I make an exception for Saturdays - baby boy can watch all the football he wants! 

Day 31: Cooper is a month old!! How in the world does time fly so incredibly fast? We spent the day by going to LifeChurch and then having a fun lunch date. Cooper also moved into a size 1 diaper today... Growing, growing, growing! 

Day 32: Another night of mommy and Cooper time while daddy was on call - we went to Babies R Us and Nordstrom's Rack before coming home to snuggle. (PS I am a firm believer that the fact that Nordstrom's Rack was randomly placed right next door to the Babies R Us in OKC is a sign that Jesus loves this mommy!) Cooper is a good little shopper already which makes for one happy mom!

Day 33: On September 17th, Brandon and I celebrated our second anniversary by having a lovely dinner at Mickey Mantle's. I highly doubt many newborns frequent Mickey Mantle's, but our Cooper-man crashed that party! We got a few "did you really just bring your baby to dinner" looks, but the sweet boy was a perfect doll the entire time and we had a wonderful night! The last two years have been the best of my life and I am beyond thrilled to get to spend the rest of my days with such a wonderful man.

Day 34: We had our first small group meeting post babies! We had Cooper two days after one of the other couples in our small group had their baby, so we have taken a small hiatus. Unfortunately, we failed to take a picture of Cooper with his new best buddy Jackson! After small group was over, Uncle Awesome came to visit and he put Cooper straight to sleep. Good work Uncle Awesome!

Day 35: Dinner with Grandpa! Brandon's dad came by to spend some time with the little man. Let me tell you, Grandpa Larry is a pro! He changed diapers, bounced, rocked and entertained Cooper completely for hours!! As you can tell from the picture, Cooper was definitely a fan.

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