Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello from Vienna!

Gruss Gott! I don't know a lick of German but I'm trying to at least get the basics - Hello, Thank you, Excuse me ( as I tend to cut people off as I read our travel book while walking... I'm pretty positive everyone I've attempted to say anything to looks at me absolutely confused and then gives me the "She's not making any sense but at least she's trying" sympathy smile. Oh well, I'll get better as we go! We are currently in Vienna, Austria and it is beautiful!! We got here yesterday at 10:30 am (It's currently 10am on Sunday... Seven hours ahead of Oklahoma). We had a little adventure when we first got here - no ATM would take our cards!! It wouldn't have been such a big deal if we weren't so ridiculously exhausted, but we were. Typically I book hostels via email but we didn't have 2 euros to pay to use the computer at the Internet cafe. So we just went to a nicer hotel that took credit cards and got a room. It was a little out of our price range but that's okay, we really needed to ditch our overpacked back packs!! We ended up exploring the beautiful St Stephens Cathedral first since it was free and, oh, words can't explain how amazing it was!! The sun was shinig through the stained glass so the room was covered in a rainbow of color! I took lots of pictures and even remembered to bring the cord to upload but didn't think about the fact that apparently you cant do that on an iPad. So you'll have to wait to see the pictures until we get back... Just google image it! We got a little turned around and stopped to check the map and while we were standing there we saw another ATM so we figured we might as well give it one more try and IT GAVE US MONEY! Praise the Lord!! Since then, our trip has been worry free and fabulous! It's time to check out of this lovely hotel so I have to hurry and get ready but I will try my best to keep everyone posted on our where we are! We plan to stay in Vienna again tonight then head to Salzburg. Hope everything back in the good ol' US of A is doing well! Is it bad that the first thing we did when we were able to use the Internet was check the Thunder game?!? Woohoo go Thunder! Be blessed, Raegan

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  1. Oh how fun! I am sorry to hear that it was a rough start. We were about to eat after church and your brother came up and grabbed your mom to tell her about your dilemma. After all of the OH NO!'s ended, we all had a good laugh. Glad to hear it's all settled for now though! Enjoy your trip!

    Praying for you and Brandon!