Monday, July 28, 2014

Cooper: Week 41


Pushing his cart.
We should have NEVER let him do this...
The kid never wanted to get in his stroller again.

His own high chair!
This was the first high chair we found in all of Spain.
Cooper was so happy to sit in his own seat that he clapped and clapped!

Rocking his shades just like Daddy!

Cooper LOVES gelato.

Making new lady friends.
Every where we went Cooper ended up with a new girlfriend.
The little girl in leopard was Coop's official first kiss - he didn't hesitate for one second!

Cruisin' and snoozin' in his stroller.

It was fun to crawl in, fun to throw, fun to eat - fun, fun fun!

Snuggling his mommy.
Mommy likes it too.

Playing peek-a-boo!

Hitching a ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Any flavor... 
He is my child!

Watching the people of Toledo dance in the street!
He happily sat and observed for 30 minutes!

Doing it everything by himself.
He is so ready to be a big boy.

Chatting it up with the local senior citizens.
We are so thankful to have such a friendly little man.

Cooper loves pigeons.

Swinging makes him do that deep belly chuckle.
It might be one of the best sounds I've ever heard.

Every little nook and cranny had to be touched.
It was really, really fun to see a new place through his eyes.

Sleeping with Mommy and Daddy.

Photo bombing his own photos.


Having a "talk."

Taking too many pictures.

Going to bed.
Little man wanted to party all night long!

ZERO personal space.
It seemed as though wherever I sat down to feed the boy, 
we were instantly surrounded by a bus load of asian tourists snapping photos. 
It became completely comical. The boy just wanted to eat in peace!


This boy holds his Momma's whole entire heart!


Day 281: Oh my did we have a fun day of exploring! We took a quick day trip to El Escorial to see the gigantic castle. It was kind of bare and cold until we came to the fabulous library - Coop slept right through the best part! When we got back to Madrid we headed straight to our favorite park in all of Spain - Retiro Park! Cooper enjoyed the rocking chairs in the Crystal Palace and just strolling the beautiful grounds.

Day 282: Before heading to beautiful Segovia, we made a quick trip to the Palace! It was so interesting to get to tour the incredible rooms of royalty (We later watched as the King stepped down from his throne so that his son could become King in the same room where we had stood just days before!). We walked to the bus station and came across a back entrance to the royal gardens so we had to take a quick detour so the Little Prince could get a cool picture in front of the castle! Coop did awesome on his first bus ride and we got to Segovia with plenty of time to explore!! First up the incredible aqueduct - tons of huge boulders stacked with nothing holding them together for hundreds of years. So amazing. 

Day 283: After touring the cathedral and castle of Segovia Cooper took his first train ride! Toledo bound! We read a few books and he was a happy little camper!

Day 284: We spent hours, literally, in the pretty cathedral of Toledo and then to reward our sweet boy for being good we headed to the park. Cooper loved the swings and chuckled so loudly that people on the street stopped to watch.

Day 285: Beautiful Seville! One of our favorite stops on the trip! The Alcazar was incredible - full of detail and shapes - and then the Plaza de Espana was bursting with color. It looked exactly how I expected Spain to look! 

Day 286: Ronda - Another quick stop! Ronda was a tiny little town full of charm and one seriously giant bridge. We hiked to the bottom and had a little mini-picnic before spending the evening at a local festival where we had some delicious food and fun people watching. Cooper picked up his special souvenir - a hand carved wooden rocking horse from a pirate-esque man on the side of the road! 

Day 287: A perfect day spent relaxing on the beaches of Nerja! This little white hill country town was beyond beautiful. There were many topless beach goers and Cooper awkwardly stared at each and every one. Poor boy thought he had finally found the buffet! The water was ICE cold but we had lots of fun anyway!

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