Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cooper: Week 40


Playing with the baby turtle Mama Shawna caught him...

Being naked as a little jay bird!

Ticklish kisses from Pop Pop's mustache.

Chasing the geese.
We later realized this was just practice for all the pigeons we would be chasing in Spain!


His "cloth diaper."
I dropped Cooper off for a quick minute at Gigi and Coach's house and accidentally left them an empty diaper bag... 
Gigi returned him in this... 
Gigi is verrrrry resourceful!

Making new friends on the airplane!


Seeing all that yummy fruit and then having to wait for Daddy to pay for it!



We are counting down the days until, an evening boat ride is just a short walk away!


Day 274: A full day of laundry and making to-do lists... nobody wants to see pictures of that!

Day 275: We spent the entire day in Tulsa marking things off the to-do list! We picked  granite for the kitchen, lighting for the entire house and all our appliances while Cooper entertained his Pops and Mama Shawna! 

Day 276: Another full day! We started off with church, followed by a fun boat ride and house tour with Pop Pop and Sonya (who very sweetly drove wayyyyy out of their way to come see the progress on our house!) and topped it all off with a family dinner at Clearwater to send Miss Hayden off for a summer of working camps! It's hard to top a Sunday spent with this many people we love.

Day 277: We had a fun Thunder watch party at our cousins, Creede and Blake's house! Henry, of course, came over too and we did our best to cheer on the home team, but they didn't quite pull it off... Aunt Callie wanted to try out her new lense and we happily let her practice on Cooper!

Day 278: We gave lots of hugs to Pops and Mama Shawna and then spent the day (and night) hopping around the world on an airplane! Cooper could not have been a better little traveler... but I'll do entire separate posts on our adventures in Spain!

Day 279: Our first day in Madrid! We toughed it out through a little bit of rain and got to enjoy a touch of Spanish tradition by attending a bullfight.

Day 280: Another fun day exploring beautiful Madrid! This picture was taken in one of our favorite places - Retiro Park! An entire post on Madrid coming soon!