Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Prince Pictures

We are so incredibly fortunate to have super-duper talented Aunt Callie, who so graciously shares her crazy-amazing gift of photography with us! I wanted a few good pictures of Cooper to commemorate his first birthday and Callie Prier Photography went above and beyond. Seriously guys, I've pretty much replaced every picture in every frame in my house because I can't pick a favorite! 

You guys, these next two make me melt.
I love my sweet boys.

That big smile below is all thanks to the skunk picture in the book.
Cooper thinks skunks are sooooo funny.

Bags packed, travel books stacked and Puppy in tow...
Cooper is ready!
Oh the places you will go my sweet son...

Okay, I said I couldn't pick a favorite, but I might have lied... 
These of Coop in the creek are so perfect!
We tried to get him to stand up, but he soooo wanted to sit and splash so we let him!
I love, love, love how they turned out!

This Little Prince makes my heart overflow with joy! Thank you Callie Prier Photography for capturing his sweet spirit so perfectly!!


  1. Beautiful pics! You guys are such a pretty family!!! I can see why you couldn't pick a favorite! He's a doll!!!!

  2. Love these pictures!! Callie did a great job! Sweet little Cooper =)