Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easy, Easy Easter Garland

Even though Brandon and I have been in our house for six months now (CRAZY how time flies!!), I still have quite a large to-do list... I'm sure when it comes to your home, there will always be a to-do list, but ours is pretty basic: Hang something, anything! Last weekend we had a monumental moment - the first nail went into the wall. It was huge people!

It's not like I don't have anything to hang, I definitely do! In fact, I have stuff propped up on just about every wall in the house, but I feel like each little spot still needs something... It still isn't quite right. And it's not that I'm indecisive... I just want it to be perfect... that's reasonable, right?! In the past, I've moved from rent house to rent house and everything switched over exactly. What hung in the living room of Rent House #1, went in the living room of Rent House #2. But those were itty-bitty, tiny, gingerbread, college kid houses, this is my first "big girl" house... Correction: OUR first ADULT house. And I want it to feel like home, not like a temporary rent house. So, I'm changing things up a bit.

My rent houses had a lot of red, and by "a lot" I mean a LOTTTTTT of red. It made sense at the time because the houses were so small that every room kind of needed to flow since they were all pretty much touching. But now I'm completely red-ed out... I want our house to feel warm so we painted the living room a lovely shade of gold and we are working with lots of greens and browns. I really like it! It's slowly starting to feel like home!!

But one major thing was missing... During Christmas, I could ignore all the "lack of things on the walls" because we had a dazzling, sparkly Christmas tree to focus on... But since Christmas, well, there's been a lot of blank walls to focus on. We needed some holiday decorations!! Easy, Hobby Lobby, I'm there.

Then my OCD kicked in... All the Easter decorations were bright pink, purple, yellow, blue... That wasn't exactly the look I was going for... Remember, I want warm colors. So, a big thanks to sweet Kimberly, from Key Moments, for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could find her blog and see this adorable Easter Garland!! 

It was the perfect easy-to-assemble decoration for our house because I could choose whatever colors I wanted! All you do is take some scrapbook paper and draw yourself a little rabbit outline (this took me a few tries to get it just the shape I wanted). Then trace your outline on all the pretty paper and cut it out! Kimberly used cotton balls for her tails, but I didn't have any so I just grabbed the large size craft balls from Hobby Lobby and they worked PERFECT! I hot glued those bad boys on and ta-da!!... bunnies! To finish it off, I just used a hole punch to pierce their ears for the twine to go through and then hung it from our mantle!

I absolutely love it and I'm so thankful that Kimberly shared this great idea!! I probably used a few too many bunnies, but I couldn't decide on which paper to eliminate! This was a fun little project that I was able to knock out quickly and with little effort, but I feel like it definitely added a little homey feel to our house!

Be Blessed!


  1. thanks for the shout out, but sadly i cannot take credit for creating it, just a pinterest find ;) i love how yours turned out! your mantle looks great!! :)))

  2. What a cute craft! I love all the papers you put together. I don't think I would ever pair floral, geometric shapes, music notes, and leopard (my fav), but it looks so great! And the little cotton balls really make it fun :)
    And by the way, your mantle is fab.u.lous in every way possible! Amazing. You are such a great decorator!!

  3. I love your mantle set-up! All of the photos and decs look fantastic.