Thursday, March 15, 2012

My First Creeper Moment

You guys, it finally happened to me...

I had a blogging creeper moment!

Except it didn't happen like I expected it to...

Turns out I was the creeper!! Go figure.

Brandon, Me, Jordan, Chelsea, Ben & Ali

So, here's what happened: Brandon and I attended a fundraising event with our friends Jordan, Chelsea, Ben and Ali. We had a great time at the event and I, personally, always love an excuse to get dressed up! In order to raise money, there were different silent auctions throughout the large room. So Chelsea and I are "shopping" and I notice this adorable blonde girl because she's wearing the cutest pregnant outfit ever. I was standing to her side so I couldn't see her face but she had on a little striped dress with a cute cardigan and this precious little belly (and I'm not just saying "little belly," it really was a perfect little belly!)... I'm thinking, "Geeze, I hope I look that great when I'm pregnant" and then she turned toward me a bit and I can see she's sporting a ridiculously cute necklace and I'm full fledged, shamelessly staring. And I'd like to believe that I don't look like a complete weirdo staring at her outfit and smiling, but I probably did... and then I see her face...

Not only have I been outfit creeping, but now I've taken it to an entire new level - I recognize her because I read her blog daily! My head is starting to spin... I have the urge to run over and hug her because, well, you know me, I've read her entire blog from start to finish (remember that whole weird thing about me that I want to know everyone's whole story...) and in my creeper head we are practically best friends! And at this point I've completely weirded myself out. "Hi, my name is Raegan and I'm a blog stalker..."

Thankfully, Brandon walks up and I whisper in supersonic speed, "You know how I read blogs every day and I always tell you about this one because her husband is a family medicine doctor just like you and they have a really, really cute little boy and the mom makes really cute crafty things and those Symphony brownies that we ate on the ski trip and you loved were her recipe..." Eventually he cuts me off and urges me to get to the point because, well, I know a lot about her and this could go on for a while. "Well, I'm 99% positive that is her." Brandon (aka The Voice of Reason) asks the obvious question, so why don't you go introduce yourself?

Great idea! Stop creeping and introduce yourself... basic enough, right? But how do you start that conversation? Do you call her by name? Do you go ahead and let her know that you know pretty much everything about her? And to think, I used to feel awkward facebook creeping (not that it stopped me even a single tiny bit), this is an entirely new ball game. Reading someone's blog allows you to get to know them much better than just looking at their pictures!

I sucked it up, (decided not to call her by name) and went over to introduced myself. I'm sooooo glad I did!! Sarah, from Life {Sweet} Life, was an absolute doll - her personality was as adorable as her outfit! I talked with her for about ten minutes and she was so sweet! Not that I was surprised, her blog is precious. You can tell just by reading her posts that she is a very thoughtful person (always making little treats for friends or Mother's Day Out teachers) and she's a super hands-on mom (she always has tons of great ideas for activities to do with little ones!).

I went from blog creeper to blog friend! I was so excited!! My first ever blog friend, you guys!!! She was so kind as I blubbered through the "Sorry this is awkward but I read your blog..." and she reassured me that she'd done the same thing before. (In retrospect, if someone read my blog but didn't personally know me and they saw me somewhere I would definitely want them to feel comfortable introducing themselves! I LOVE hearing that people read my blog and I would want to meet them and chat!!) Hopefully, we can get together soon (husbands schedules permitting) and get to know each other in real life, as opposed to blog life.

So, there you go, another random story for you! Our night out was so nice - we sat at a super fun table and greatly enjoyed catching up with our friends! Thanks so much to Chelsea and Jordan for inviting us! We always love getting to spend time with you all!

Be Blessed!


  1. Oh Raegan, you are so so funny!! And WAY too sweet...this post made me blush. Ha! Thanks for all the kind was so great to meet you and I can't wait to get together soon hopefully! :)

  2. what a funny story! and i love how you told it! i had the courage to do it one time myself, and luckily they were as nice as they could be!

    your blog is soooo cute!! take care!! :)

  3. Too funny! Sarah is so sweet and cute! I can't think of a better blogger for you to meet out and about! How fun!! I'm sure you'll be bffs now!! :)