Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crafty Lady

Last week I had the privilege of attending a craft class at the home of crafting extraordinaire, Bobbie! Bobbie's daughter, Savannah, and I were Pi Phi's together in college and we have been fabulous friends ever since. When I saw that Bobbie had decided to start teaching classes again I was super pumped... Plus it meant I got to make a mini-road trip with Savs! Winning!

One of my fave pictures of Bobbie, Randy
and their sweet grandbaby, Violet!
Let me just tell you, Momma Bobbie (as I refer to her), is one super creative, ridiculously talented lady. When you walk into her home, you are simply overwhelmed by all of the amazing things she has created! Every nook and cranny is decked to the nines in the cutest little things you've ever seen! The woman can decorate, design, build and throw a fantastic little craft party!  Seriously, she is awesome. Oh, and did I mention she is as sweet as she can be? And really pretty?! And her Mister is equally adorable. I love this precious family! (Disclaimer: I stole this picture off of facebook... I would love to give credit where it is due but I have no clue who the photographer is because their entire family is ridiculously talented so it easily could have been Savs, her hubby OR her brother. Just know that one of them took it, and they did a really good job... and Savannah you should really show your mom a little more love on the 'book because this was one of, like, two pictures I found of her! Ridiculous.)

Anyway, back to crafting... Sorry, I get a little carried away by their cuteness sometimes! First, I registered via her blog, My Creative Life Diary (it too is adorable... shocking, I know). It's so simple, you just send her however much the class costs (the fall wreath class was $20) via Paypal and then you just show up with a glue gun, scissors and a smile! Savannah and I arrived at Momma Bobbie's just as she was setting out some delicious cookies, crackers and cheese, and yummy Southern sweet tea. More fun girls started to trickle in and the crafting began! Momma Bobbie had done all of the hard prep work... She had purchased all the supplies, cut out everything we needed (which was A LOT) and had it all laid out and ready to go! (I really wish I'd taken more picture... Next time, I'll be all over it but this time I was in learning mode. No distractions.) Then she explained in great detail how to make the adorable fall wreath. She taught techniques - even showing us a few that we wouldn't use on this wreath but may want to know for the future. She was there for questions and if you needed any help or messed anything up, she swooped in to save the day! And while I was making this super cute new decoration for our door, I got to make five new friends. How awesome is that?! You should all check out Bobbie's blog and go sign up for a class! It is tons of fun! You'll thank me, I promise!

The class was a blast and I LOVE how the wreath turned out! It's now proudly displayed on our front door... until Friday when a Christmas wreath goes up! Hopefully, she'll have a class for that too... or I can just make my own now that I'm an expert felt flower maker thanks to Bobbie's terrific teaching! Either way, I so greatly enjoyed the class and the company. Thanks Savannah for calling and inviting me! And thanks Robby for watching precious little Violet so Savannah could craft with me! And thanks Bobbie for being such a wonderful teacher and adopted Momma! And thanks Randy for hugging me just like my dad would when I left your house and for making sure we didn't run out of gas on the way home. Your family is truly a blessing to me and I am so glad that I've had the pleasure of calling you all friends for almost 7 years now! Love you!

Be Blessed!

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