Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's (ALMOST) the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I am a FIRM believer in the "No Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule. Thanksgiving happens to be my all-time very favorite holiday so I have no problem following the rule. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Christmas trees, gift wrapping, lights on the house, yummy holiday candles, Christmas music, nativity scenes... I could go on for days but you get the picture. Nevertheless, all of those things combined can't hold a candle to my wonderful Thanksgiving. Maybe because it's a day focused on being thankful and I have a LOOOOOT to be thankful for! Maybe because growing up I got to spend Thanksgiving at our family's beautiful Ranch which is covered in breath taking fall colored trees. Maybe because my crazy competitive family has a serious flag football showdown the night before Thanksgiving and it is so much fun. Maybe because my entire family crams into our Ranch house for a couple of nights together... and unlike most families, we actually like each other at least most of the time! Anyway, that is all beside the point... this wasn't supposed to be a post about why I love Thanksgiving - you'll get one of those soon enough - this post is about the one Christmas thing that I do in November...

(Drum roll please)...


I love sending Christmas cards! I am a note writer, my mother made sure of it. I love sending people notes in the mail. I love to let people know when I randomly think about them, or when I appreciate something they've done, or when somebody needs a little encouragement, or when I am super duper happy for someone! [**Small Side Note: If you are reading this and thinking, "Yeah right Raegan, I STILL haven't received a thank you note for the wedding gift." I promise, it is coming!! Brandon and I were overwhelmed and humbled by the generosity and sacrifice that so many made in order to bless us on our wedding day! I am writing frantically (and B even helped!) but we want to make sure to show our appreciation to each person appropriately, not just your typical "Dear ___. Thank you for ___. Love, Us." So please be patient with us, the thank you is coming!] So sending Christmas cards brings me great JOY! But the tricky thing is that I have to pick them and have them ready to roll on December 1... which means I have to break the "No Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule, but I'm pretty sure Jesus (and my mother) will forgive me for it. So without further ado, some of my favorite Christmas card picks:

How could I resist the "First Christmas" that doubles as an ornament?!

I love poinsettias!!

I think this is so pretty and regal looking!
(And I love the envelope!)

Oh, this girl LOOOOVES a bow!

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Looks like burlap to me!

Love the striped JOY!

Ok, you could do something super fun with this one...

Since Jesus is the reason for the season...
 It'd probably be nice to give Him credit!

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Simple and sharp!

I am a sucker for a monogram, love it!

Ok, I'm sorry but this is the cutest card ever.
If you have a kid, please pick this card and then send it to me!

Oh goodness, if you have a cute traveling pic this is the card for you!!

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Typically, I shy away from the "Merry Everything" but I think this
sums up how new parents probably feel - perfect bliss! So precious.
(Ok, they probably feel perfect bliss and very tired... but that doesn't make a cute Christmas card)

A little more modern with the stripes... I like it!

I LOVE the little flags. So adorable!

This is what I mean when I say  I'm an OCD planner...
I've already shown Brandon and he approved...
This WILL BE our Christmas card the year we have a baby
(Which will not be for quite a few years, so no need to even ask)
It's too stinking perfect... I love having the last name King.

So, that should give you plenty of options for Christmas cards. There are lots of really fun cards out there and tons of specials right now that I will definitely be taking advantage of! Hope you have half as much fun Christmas card shopping as I do... Enjoy! (And don't you dare put that tree up until after you've given Thanksgiving it's time!)

Be Blessed!

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  1. Your family Thanksgiving sounds amazing!! I love, love, love ranches! (I'm a ranch/farm girl at heart but pretty sure I wouldn't actually survive the lifestyle) I've grown up with a similar family-filled Thanksgiving minus the Ranch. So thankful for family!

    I love the merry and bright card with the mistletoe. So cute. I, too, enjoy sending cards out to people. It seems it's becoming a lost art these days =(