Friday, February 17, 2012

Meet Rylee

Well, I feel as though I've been accidentally depriving you all of a little joy... I somehow forgot to introduce you to Rylee! Worst dog owner of the year award goes to... drum roll... me. Shucks! So let me share a few fast facts and catch you up on Little Miss Priss.

#1. She was a complete surprise! My senior year of college I had decided to live by myself in an adorable little cottage close to campus. My mom was worried that I would be lonely, so the day before I left for school a tiny fluffy shih tzu puppy wearing a giant red bow woke me up! She literally looked like a stuffed animal, she was so stinkin' cute!

#2. From day one, Rylee stole my heart. You know how everyone always says they wished their dog didn't grow out of the cute puppy stage... Mine didn't!! People always ask me how old my puppy is and they are floored when I tell them she's six! She weighs right at 7 pounds and looks just the same as the day I got her!

#3. She was officially the best study buddy ever. This was a picture I took during my first set of law school finals. As you can see based on the number of M&M wrappers, I was stressed. Ol' Ryles never left my side. She would sit in my lap for hours and hours on end.

#4. Miss Rylee is a little flirt. She stand like this all the time and it cracks me up! She loves to meet new people and if you don't give her an appropriate amount of attention, she will prance back and forth in front of you until you can't help but smile at her. She also has very good manners and will never jump up on your legs or climb in your lap unless you tell her to.

#5. She never wears dog clothes. She HATES them and I just think it's a little weird (Plus, call me selfish, but if I'm going to spend money on clothes they are going to be for me, not my dog). But occasionally, when it's really cold outside, I break my own rule and make her wear this cute little hounds tooth number. I mean, seriously, how could I say no to a little hounds tooth?!

#6. The sweet dog makes a pretty good pillow if you aren't feeling well. She's the perfect little cuddle buddy.

#7. Don't judge her by her size, she is a killer watch dog! She doesn't bark unless she needs something or sees something. Sometimes I may not see whatever she's barking at immediately, but if I wait a couple of seconds the mail man will come around the corner or I'll catch the cat darting off. Once when I had a small "mishap" with a roast, she woke me up by barking when the fire alarm didn't go off.

#8. Gurl has some seriously bad hair days.

#9. She is probably the most low maintenance dog ever. I leave for work at 7:30am and sometimes don't get home until 6:30pm... She is ready to go outside the second I get there, but she hasn't had any accidents! She has completely spoiled me... I never have to plan my schedule around her. You can take her anywhere, she is always very well behaved. Once, I even left her with my mother-in-law... The ultimate test of my faith in her!

#10. Rylee LOVES to ride in the car. She doesn't care where you are going or how long the trip is, she just wants to go!!! When I drive back to my hometown, regardless of whether it's day or night, the second I turn off the exit she wakes up and starts getting so excited. I have no clue how she knows we are there but it's super adorable!

#11. My brother tortures her. He always holds the treat right out of reach or uses this really high voice so she thinks he is saying sweet things to her, but he isn't. She loves him nonetheless.

#12. Rylee appreciates sitting on the tube at the lake but...

#13. She is not a fan of getting wet. Not one single bit. And I think she's embarrassed that I make her wear a life jacket... but it has a handle on the back so it's easy to pick her up and carry her that way, so it's staying.

#14. She ALWAYS wears a hair bow. She loves them! When I get the bag out she jumps up in my laugh and sits perfectly still while I put it in. After I get it all fixed, she waltzes around the house for the rest of the afternoon!

#15. Rylee has had the same bed since I got her and although I'd really like to replace it with something prettier, I'm afraid she'd be really sad. It fits her perfectly.

#16. She's a great helper... She decorates Christmas trees, works on the grill... whatever you have to sit on the ground to do, she will sit in your lap for moral support.

#17. She does not love my little nieces... I wouldn't either if they carried me around by the throat, dressed me in a purple boa and insisted that I hang a stocking on my tail. Bless her.

#18. She is not afraid to pose for some pictures. The Christmas tree pics were probably my favorite of the year. Just sit a treat on the floor and say "Stay" and she'll pose for hours with the most serious face... hi-larious!

#19. No question, her favorite thing to do is go on a walk. No need to hold the leash, she'll walk right beside you without fail. If she meets a stranger, she expects their instant adoration and may linger until you brag on her, then the walk resumes. She also has zero fear of big dogs. She barks at them with her most ferocious bark, the one that results in all four of her feet simultaneously hopping off the ground just a little.

#20. As much as it pains me to say it, she likes Brandon the best. She's never been more doted on in her life. He talks to her, pets her, loves on her. She was never allowed up on the furniture until we got married, now she curls up next to him on the couch and just looks at me like "Look what he let me do!" I never let her get up near my face because I didn't want her to do it to anyone else either... B lets her snuggle on his shoulder. Spoiled. Rotten. But I'm happy they like each other.

BONUS: She is wayyyy cuter than Toto. Yes, I took Rylee to a date party in college as a prop (Please don't call PETA). She looked so cute peeking her little head out of my basket!

So, I hope you think my darling dog is adorable as I do! She definitely brings us great joy every single day! Do you have a dog you can't live without? Are you a big dog fan or a small dog? (I am both... I love having Rylee in the house but I love going back to my hometown and having a big ol' lab to hug on and play with outdoors!) What are your favorite dog names? **Expect a great dog name story next week... Probably around February 21st!!

Be Blessed!

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