Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Completely Unemotional Post...

Lately it's been feeling like an on-going birthday bonanza around here... I feel like at the end of typing out every post my mascara is ruined, I'm sniffling and I'm just over all emotionally drained. Sorry, not quite sure when I became such a sap. (Whiny voice: I just love my family, okay?!) So, today I'm lightening it up a bit. My head is spinning with crazy plans right now, so I decided I would share... I feel like I can't form a complete sentence before one thought is interrupted by another, so please, bear with me! Let the randomness begin...

This week's agenda...
Sorry, don't know why it's blurry. Whomp whomp.
Tonight we are heading to Guthrie, America to the Pollard Theater to watch the local production of Tuesdays With Morrie! We are meeting my in-laws and I am so excited... I feel like I haven't seen them in for-e-ver. Plus, I have fallen in LOOOOOVE with the little old Pollard Theater. I'll give you a full review tomorrow, promise!  

Birthday Boy Lane!
Is he not the cutest little guy you've ever seen?
Friday we are going to another birthday party! Brandon's buddy's little boy, Lane, is a year older so we are going to celebrate and eat lots of pizza... We adore Lane, he was one of the ring bearers in our wedding and he is so stinking cute. THEN after the birthday party, my cousins Callie, Levi and BABY BLAKE are coming to spend the night!! I.Can't.Wait!

Look how big she's gotten!!
Saturday, my entire little hometown will be traveling to "the City" to cheer on our high school's wrestlers as they compete in the State Competition. I know nothing about wrestling, but I'm about to learn! An article was written recently about how quickly my hometown has become a wrestling powerhouse (the program was only started a few years ago). The paper said we had the "loudest, proudest, and dumbest fans..." I asked my parents about this - why in the world would someone write that? My dad beamed with pride as he told me the comment was completely accurate, he and half the other fans, didn't know a thing about wrestling but they cheered as loud as they could the whole time! My hometown supports their kids 110% regardless of what they are competing in... I can't wait to go root our boys on too! Brandon is on call Saturday night so I'll be hanging out with the family until the last possible minute.

Sunday we will go to church in the morning... Our pastor is doing an a-mazing series right now on the story of Samson and how it applies to men today. Oh boy, it has been so good! You can check it out at! Even if you don't live in the OKC Metro, the experiences are live on the website... It's good stuff, you don't want to miss it! After church, I'm going to head to a shower for our soon-to-be nephew, Brooks! I've been doing a ton little shopping to get ready for his arrival and I can hardly wait for his mommy to open all the presents... Eek!!

NEXT WEEK I'm going to take a short blogging hiatus while Brandon and I head to the mountains!! We will be in Keystone, Colorado allllll week catchin' some sun while we blaze down the slopes! (Please don't rob us now that you know this information... We have an alarm, it will be set.) Neither one of us have been skiing in a couple of years, so we cannot wait! I'm sure I'll return with lots and lots and LOTS of pictures... Plus, we are going with B's aunt and uncle and their three adorable kiddos! We are crazy about their little family and always have so much fun when we are with them.

So, I've got a TON to do between now and then - pick up my new ski pants (yay!), clean the house, locate some purple to wear to cheer on my team, learn all the rules of wrestling, pack, pass our puppy to my parents, bake lots and lots of cookies for the road trip and did I mention pack because I'm the slowest packer in the entire world, I am sure of it!

Plus, if you read nothing else on this entire blog READ THIS: Dillards "Take an Additional 40% Off Sale" begins TODAY!!! Don't miss out... Bargains everywhere people!

And I hear that my FAVVVVVORITE grocery store,
Crest, is having their Anniversary Sale.
I have never been before but I've heard that it is a-mazing!

Have I told you guys that Brandon and I are becoming ridiculous television watchers? I've never had DVR until we got married and I finally get it! TV is an absolute joy when you can press fast forward!! Who knew?! We've become old people over night... We have "shows!" We watch Modern Family because it's hilarious and my fave. We like to believe Brandon is studying by watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. And now, for the first time ever, we are hooked, absolutely positively would not miss, American Idol! I know, I know, I'm like six years behind. Sue me. AAAAANNND we don't really understand The Voice but we love it! I mean we get it right now but we have no clue what happens after each celebrity artist has their team... I guess we will just have to keep watching. Then this week we started watching Amazing Race which I love! I want to go on that show so bad!! (And I watch the trash television show of the century - The Bachelor. I despise Butt-Cut Ben so I want him to pick Crazy Courtney because I think the other girls are nice and they deserve better.) See, I think we may have a problem. We've become couch potatoes. How did this happen to us? I am one of those people that adamantly opposes tv... DVR you've ruined me!!!

Oh and how about a BEDLAM upset last night from my Sooner Men's Basketball!? Woohoo! And the THUNDER dominated the Celtics... Great night, last night!

Well, that's all I have time for now... Thanks for reading all the randomness that has been swirling through my head all day! Talk to you tomorrow!

Be Blessed!

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