Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby Blake

Boy, did I start a rumor about myself or what?! Sorry folks, but when I stated I'd be "introducing you to the newest family member" in my Random Thoughts post, I didn't realize how your little minds would start spinning!! So sorry to get you all worked up, but no, we aren't having a baby (I told you from the get go, no babies for us for a while)... and no, we didn't get a new dog (One little prissy dog is all we can handle)... I meant I wanted to introduce you to the newest little member of my extended family:

Miss Blake Elizabeth!
October Twenty-Seventh, Two Thousand and Eleven

Miss Blake belongs to my best friend (and cousin), Callie and her husband, Levi. For Callie's birthday, Levi sweetly planned their first little get-away. He told Callie they were going to dinner and a movie, but he had secretly gathered her college buddies for a night on the town. (Nice work Levi!!) Of course, they couldn't take Miss Blake so Levi asked if B and I could watch her. We were super excited to be Blake's 1st Babysitters! 

I didn't realize how emotional I would be over Callie having a baby, but when someone is your very best friend for your whole entire life and then their little mini-me is born... Well, part of my love for Callie instantly transferred to Blake. I just sit and hold her and am in awe of the fact that this little tiny person belongs to my best friend, looks like my best friend and someday will be my child's best friend (No, not anytime soon people). It is a very over-whelming feeling. So, I was planning to write Callie a note about all of this, but quite honestly I owe her about ten thank you notes, a couple of just a note to say hello and a birthday card soooo instead I'm writing her this post so that she can read what I wanted to tell her and I can show off my precious new niece - two birds, one stone! Genius, I know.

Meeting my niece on her first day of life
October 27, 2011

Just wanted to write you a little note to thank you for letting me watch Miss Blake last weekend. This may sound silly, but I felt so very honored that you'd feel comfortable leaving your most prized possession in my care. (I'm sure it helped that I had a doctor on hand, but I'm positive that wasn't the deciding factor!) We had so much fun with Blake... she really was a doll that night... she just smiled and slept! Such a little angel!
Me, Callie & Lyndsey
Bachelorette Weekend in Eureka Springs
September 2011
I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you... You were such a trooper throughout your pregnancy! You started this adventure out in Montana, so far away from home... We so wanted to be there to celebrate with you and Levi! You kept us all informed through emails/texts/videos and we felt in the loop even though we were six states away. I'll never forget sitting on my couch talking about baby names over the phone and that video you sent where Blake was kicking so hard you could see her little foot! Thanks for letting us feel like we were a part of your adventure... Then you guys moved across the country and finally got to come home! I felt weird being excited to see your belly, but I was... my niece was in there and it made everything that we had talked about very real. Not one single time, did I hear you complain about being tired or feeling big or everything every other pregnant person whines about. You were just happy to be having a healthy baby! And if that meant a little weight gain or needing to take a nap during the day or even giving up your beloved Monsters, you were going to do whatever needed to be done, no question. I hope someday when I'm pregnant, I'll be half as tough as you were. You did good sweet friend.

And then I went off and scheduled a wedding just a month before Blake's debute. Sorry about that! Ha! You had to be exhausted and uncomfortable but you never once complained. You helped prepare invitations, you took pictures, you walked all over the hills of Eureka Springs for my "girls weekend", you had your dress pretty much completely remade and through it all you were just all smiles, no whining. Thank you for standing by me on my very best day, I couldn't imagine it any other way. I'm pretty sure it was debated who was glowing more that day - the bride or the matron of honor! You were beautiful and I was so thankful for you!

Then the day finally came for Miss Blake to arrive, a little earlier than expected! What a whirlwind that day was... Our entire family hurried to the hospital to see our newest member! Everyone was so excited... but nothing I saw or heard compared to that text I got from Levi, "My first born will be here in less than an hour!!! Holy smokes!" (Or something close to that! Haha!) The fact that I didn't get a speeding ticket that day was a miracle. There was no way I was missing your new "best day in life".

Thankfully everything went smoothly and Miss Blake was perfect! She was beautiful(despite the fact that she resembled her daddy)! You and Levi were both just beaming! It was so awesome... I will never forget walking in and Levi was standing there holding her and just staring. It was a precious moment that I was so happy I got to witness.

And now, here we are, 6 weeks later and I'm sitting in my rocking chair staring at this beautiful little girl that looks just like her momma. And for this little moment, I want to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be "Aunt" Raegan. I am so excited to watch little Blake grow up and I hope that I get to play an integral part in her life like my parents did in yours and your parents did in mine. I hope that someday I have a little girl that will grow up to be Blake's best friend, because I know first hand how special it is to have a bond that is deeper than just friendship... Thank you for always being my best friend.

Brandon meeting Blake

So, the point of all this rambling is this - I want you to know that I am so proud of you. It's completely clear that Levi and Blake are your top priorities. It's obvious that you are head over heels, 100% in love with them. And to top it off, you look happier than I've ever seen you. It has been so amazing to watch you become a mom... as expected, you are really, really good at it! I'm proud of you Callie Lauren!

Blake and her beautiful Momma

Oh, and of course, I just thought I'd tell Miss Blake one more time... Aunt Raegan and Uncle Brandon think you are wonderful and beautiful and perfect. We love you so very much already and we can't wait to see what an amazing young lady you will become... We have very high expectations for you because your momma and daddy are some of the very best. You have big shoes to fill!  We promise to cover you in prayer daily. My prayer is that you have your momma's sense of adventure, your daddy's patience, your Aunt Lyndsey's determination, your Uncle Casey's wisdom, your Uncle Ryan's strength, your cousin Blythe's generous little heart, your cousin Zoe's strong will, your Uncle Zac's sense of humor, your Uncle Brandon's thoughtfulness and that you will always know your Aunt Raegan's love for you. You are one blessed little girl already! Levi, Callie and Blake Elizabeth, I love each one of you so very much.

Blake's 1st Slumber Party with Aunt Raegan & Uncle Brandon
(Sleeping in a Tupperware)
December 2, 2011

Be Blessed,

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