Thursday, December 1, 2011

Top Ten Christmas Decor Picks of 2011

Well, lately I've been getting a little "wordy" on the ol' blog so today I thought I'd share some pictures! (I mean, let's face it you're probably just browsing the pictures anyway... I can't point any fingers, I never actually read a People Magazine.) Below you'll find a list of my Top Ten Christmas Decor Picks of 2011. I looooove me some Christmas decorations!! Buying pretty Christmas ornaments is one of my all-time favorite guilty pleasures... I refuse to feel bad for spending money to decorate for Jesus' birthday party!! (I know what you're thinking... "Oh my goodness, I never thought of it as decorating for a Jesus b-day party! I'm going to go purchase another tree!! And more lights!!" You do that! Sorry, husbands, it's hard to argue with decorations for Jesus. I am so good at what I do... Ha.) I was recently in negotiations for tree #3 and we have decided on tabling the argument until December 26th when trees go on sale at Hobby Lobby... then I can spend all of next year collecting the perfect accessories. I think it was a good agreement!

#10. Tree In A Bucket
Oh I love using a galvanized bucket!! They have to be one of the most useful things ever... they'll hold drinks, flowers, rolls of ribbon and now even CHRISTMAS TREES! If you find any great buckets send them my way!!

#9. Darling Dishes
I'm a firm believer in owning multiple sets of dishes and Christmas dishes are a MUST HAVE!! I have some cute little snowmen dishes that my sweet Momma bought me in college but I've got my eye on some b-e-a-utiful burgundy Johnson Brothers that might be beautifully displayed at my Grandma's house! Ohhh I love those pretty things! 
(Yes, you are witnessing coveting right this second... Trust me, if you saw them you'd covet too!!) 
Aren't the little tiny trees in the tea cups such a great idea?!

#8. Reindeer Games
This required two pictures because both have antlers but are totally different and I like them both! I love bringing the outdoors inside, especially during the holidays! I thought both these sets of horns were perfectly displayed! 
(And I'm pretty fond of the picture on the right because I have those adorable stockings!!)

#7. Trophy Poinsettias
This one is a little random but I've had a thing lately for old trophies. So weird, I know. These are recycled horse racing trophies used to hold poinsettias. Genius!! So now I'm coveting Grandma's dishes and Papa's trophies... Somebody better set the alarm on their house...

#6. Door Decor
Oh man, I'm all about the triple wreath! And they have lanterns!! I also like that whoever owns this door didn't feel the need to go red and green... The teal compliments the door perfectly and still looks great with the wreath color. Good work stranger lady!

#5. Girly Garland
How stinkin' cute are those skates?! I see ice skates all the time at estate sales ("Hi, my name is Raegan and I'm addicted to estate sales.") and I always think, "Those are fun but what would I ever do with them?" Now I know... Super cute! I also love that the garland wrapped all the way down to the ground and that the presents are scattered up the stairs... 
Plus, another galvanized bucket!

#4. Burlap Bows
Burlap all around! So perfect! The stockings look adorable and the big burlap bow on top of the tree is just the right touch! Adding burlap to your decor is always a positive. It adds texture but because of the neutral color never feels like too much!

#3. Ornaments Galore
 My theory is the more ornaments the better! Don't feel like your ornaments can only be displayed on your Christmas tree... Hang ornaments on a string of twine to spice up a mirror, display ornaments in a bowl on your kitchen table and I think a skinny ornament hanging on a doorknob is always fun!

#2. Spreading Joy

I want this but with a pretty old map and with in a really pretty script. Actually what I'd really love is a pretty old map framed on the wall and then have a pretty scripted "Joy to the World" that I can just temporarily apply on the glass... Is that too much to ask? Probably. Nevertheless, I like the idea!

#1. The Perfect Mantle
Okay, this one really doesn't even need an explanation... Stunning. I love everything about this - the wood floors, the beautiful stockings, the pine cones around the mirror, the big checkered chairs, and of course, the trophies... I'm serious about those beautiful trophies! Love them! It's the perfect color scheme and a great combination of elegant meets woodsy. 

Love. Love. Love.

Well gang, hope you had half as much fun picture shopping as I did!! There are so many different decor styles and each one is unique and beautiful... just like you! So go all out! Even though, as we all know, decorating can be exhausting and December is a busy, busy time of year but don't forget it's Jesus' birthday... We should all offer our very best! 

Be Blessed!

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  1. Love these pictures! Our house is all decked out and ready to be enjoyed this Christmas season! Next year I will have to do the Joy to the World map! I LOVE that idea!