Friday, December 16, 2011

Boomer Blessings

First off, a big thank you to everyone that sent me words of encouragement via the blog, facebook and text! An even bigger thank you to those who took time to say a little prayer for me! I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing friends! Thank you!

Now, on to the exciting thing happening today...

Boomer Blessings!

Boomer Blessings is a prime example of why I love my job. For the second year in a row the OU Athletic Department has decided to forgo a Christmas party and instead spend one morning "Spreading Sooner Magic" by doing community service projects in Norman and the surrounding areas. Literally, OU Athletics shuts down from 8am-2pm while the entire department heads out and helps bless the community that gives so much to us! How awesome is that?!

There are lots of different ways we help - demolition for Habitat for Humanity, prep boxes for Feed the Children, paint rooms for the local Ronald McDonald House, deliver food for Meals on Wheels, etc. Last year, I had the opportunity to help out at Oklahoma Feed the Children. For hours, my co-workers and I stuffed boxes with food, soap/shampoo, small toys and books to be distributed throughout the state to kids and families in need. This year, I traveled with a small group to a neighboring town's elementary school with Boomer (our mascot) and taught the importance of the five principles that make up our Sooner Junior program: Fitness fun, Academics, Nutrition and Sportsmanship (FANS). It was so great to watch the little kids get so excited to learn about fundamentals that will be important to know, understand and embrace throughout their lives! The program is available to all schools in Oklahoma and there is a really fun app for you to download and let your kids use as a fun learning tool - check it out here.

I am so happy to be a part of an organization that believes in giving back, that realizes there is more to Christmas than holiday parties and that does both of these things with joyful hearts! You can click on this link to see the video of OU Athletics blessing our community this year! Boomer Sooner!

Enjoy your last weekend to fit in Christmas shopping!!

Be Blessed!


  1. I didn't know OU did that- how cool! Happy Holidays!