Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FIVE Christmases

Hey gang! Sorry I wasn't able to blog yesterday (I'm not apologizing because I live under the false belief that you are just dying to read my blog, I'm apologizing because I know you are sitting at work bored out of your mind right now and when your typical reading options don't come through for you, it's a little disappointing... I know because it happened to me today... three times), I was still recovering from our whirlwind weekend! If you haven't seen the movie Four Christmases, you should. It's awkwardly funny and a cute little story! It's about this couple who typically spend Christmas on the beach but, because of bad weather ends up having to celebrate with their families... and the uncomfortable moments that follow. Well, this weekend we "one-upped" the movie - we had FIVE Christmases and a slumber party. Take that Warner Brothers. So a little recap today seems only appropriate... tragically, I didn't take very many pictures but I'll share what I've got!

Since I don't have a picture from B's party,
I thought I'd share a picture of B's car that got punked by Santa's elf.
Christmas #1. Friday evening was spent at Brandon's work party. Sadly, not a single picture and we got all dressed up and looked cute. (Yes, that would be me pouting...) We had a lovely dinner and I enjoyed getting to catch up with Brandon's buddies. Santa and a few of his elves came to visit all the little kids and boy did they get excited. The adults thought it was equally fun since Santa/Elves were all provided by residents without children... pretty funny! As soon as the party came to an end, we dashed out the door to do a little last minute shopping. (I've done more dashing in the past week than I really care for)

L to R: Me, Brandon, Gramma, Caleb, Lauren & Alex
Christmas #2. Saturday morning we headed to Brandon's grandmother's house for Christmas with his mom's family. We enjoyed the afternoon with Brandon's mom and brother, uncle, aunt, two cousins (Aren't they stunningly beautiful?! Pretty on the inside and out!) and their cute little dog Rufus, and his grandma and her husband. We had some yummy taco salad and lots of laughs sitting around enjoying each other's company. Before B and I had even started dating I had heard so many wonderful stories about "Gramma." Brandon truly believes she is the sweetest woman on Earth and we both feel so very blessed to get to see her and Jerry often! I feel comfortable speaking for all of her grandchildren when I say that we find great comfort and feel very loved knowing that this Godly woman is covering each one of us in prayer daily. What better gift is there?

Your friendly Sooner Club staff looking very festive
Christmas #3. Saturday evening was my office party! As I've told you before, I am very blessed to work with really fun people... whom I consider friends, not just coworkers. Our office parties are always interesting because my boss loves to incorporate a costume into every holiday! So this year we were to dress as characters from a Christmas movie or play... hence our bizarre attire. We also participate in an annual "regift" dirty Santa. You are supposed to bring one regifted item. You NEVER know what you're going to get in this little exchange. A few of this year's hits were OSU items, a mistletoe package that included some interesting items (from breath mints to hand sanitizer and a few items that fit in between!), and the one I went home with... a Pujols Cardinals jersey. It's always a good time when this group gets together!  

Blythe and Sonya became new best friends!
Christmas #4. Sunday was Christmas with the Kings! We started off this fun day by picking up my sweet niece Blythe and heading to Brandon's dad's house. Brandon's stepmom, Sonya, had suggested we go visit the Pollard Theatre in Guthrie for a Christmas play. We were so impressed with the production of Scroog's story told as The Territorial Christmas Carol. We had so much fun and B and I are planning to go back for other shows... and to check out all their cute little antique stores!! Then we headed back to the house for dinner, games and presents. Larry and Sonya had very sweetly made sure that my little Blythe was included in every last detail - she even had a stocking hanging full of goodies! I was truly overwhelmed by their generosity to their little guest, they definitely went above and beyond. I have no doubt that this Christmas celebration will be the one I remember when thinking of Christmas 2011. It meant so very much to me that they were so kind and because Blythe was my family, she was treated as though she was their's as well. As I told them later that night, "Thank you" didn't seem the least bit sufficient for my amount of appreciation. What a joy to be a member of such an awesome family...

Blythe's present for her daddy:
"dont open this until Cristmes. this is your cristmams present.
to daddy love, Blythe."

(Christmas Intermission): Slumber Party. So B and I decided that we were having so much fun with Miss Blythe that she should stay for a slumber party! I took the day off of work so that we could play all day with no interruptions and Brandon even cancelled his morning appointments! Oh man did we have fun! We ate brownies smothered in whipped cream and hot chocolate for breakfast and then worked on a little craft project that is now proudly displayed on my refrigerator. Blythe took a big bubble bath, had her fingernails and toenails painted and got all dressed up for the day! She helped me wrap Christmas presents and she made some delicious chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese for lunch. She played dress up with (aka tortured) my poor dog. She built a road out of Brandon's k-cups and splenda packages that went from our kitchen, down the hall and turned all the way into our room. She lost, but eventually recovered, her new hair clip out of the garbage disposal! She made her daddy a wonderful Christmas present and we got it all wrapped up. She even wrote Larry and Sonya a very precious thank you card and then ran through the rain to put it in the mailbox... I told you busy, busy day! It was hands down the best sick day I've ever had! We laughed and laughed until our sides hurt really bad and when we dropped her off with her daddy, I got back in the car and cried! I love Miss Blythe so very, very much and I was so glad I got to spend the day playing with her. She's one of my absolute favorite girls!

Baby King's almost first Christmas!
Christmas #5. The last, but not least, Christmas of this weekend was with Brandon's mom and brother/sister-in-law... B's mom is flying to Florida to spend Christmas with his other brother and sister-in-law so we celebrated early! We started with some delicious Christmas sushi... not conventional, but way more fun than your typical ham! Next we headed to the house for some really fun presents - the first batch for our nephew who will arrive in April! It was so fun to see little tiny boy clothes get unwrapped... Next year is going to be even more exciting!! There will actually be a baby there! And he will be decked out, trust me!

So, five Christmases down... five more to go! We LOVE some Christmas!! Haha! See you guys tomorrow with a yummy new recipe, perfect for this cold weather!

Be Blessed!

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