Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Thoughts From Yesterday

Well, I spent all day yesterday getting to listen to a riveting Continuing Legal Education seminar. Let me just tell you, those things are b-oring! Since it was my first one to attend in person (I did the others on-line) I decided I should probably be on best behavior until I learned how it worked. So, no blogging... BUT instead of taking notes on trial techniques (I don't think I'll be needing those any time soon, but it was the most interesting of the choices) I jotted down my random thoughts throughout the day. So, get excited...

#1. Princess Kate
If I were Kate Middleton I would be rather insulted that everyone keeps thinking I'm preggo. The girl is a size 2 at best! Everyone in the free world knows that it is horribly rude to ask someone if they are pregnant, or when their baby is due, unless you are 100% positive they are pregnant and openly talking about it... Why is this rule (and everyone's etiquette) out the window when it comes to the Princess? The rumors are flying over the dumbest things:
(A) She didn't sample the peanut paste... Neither would I!! What in the world is "peanut paste?" It does not sound the least bit appealing, so I don't blame her for not throwing a bite back.  Plus, I'm pretty positive a pregnant person would never take on that cinch belt...

(B) She held her purse over her stomach... Gasp! She was probably flippin' freezing! Not to mention, as a clutch carrier myself, I can tell you first hand that clutch purses are kind of awkward at times because they don't have a handle. She hasn't even got herself situated yet, she literally only has one foot on the red carpet. Give her a minute people! Oh weird, Prince Williams hands are in front of his stomach too - maybe he's pregnant as well!!

Okay, so that was a lot of sarcasm but I just think Kate is so classy and I wish that we could return the favor by cooling it on the pregnancy talk. If she IS pregnant, then let's allow her to tell us when she's ready... Until then, I'll just sit at home and continue to covet her wardrobe.

#2. Boise State
Seriously Boise State?! You are the PRIME whiner regarding the BCS. You consistently get hosed by the system. You actually have a valid complaint. So what is your next step now that the BCS is catching the most heat in its history following the Alabama/Oklahoma State fiasco? Continue to lead the fight for a playoff system? Start an anti-BCS coalition?
Nope, you went off and joined the Big EastARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! Do you realize what you've done?! You just joined the BCS.... THE ENEMY!! Well, you want to know what I think about that?? As much as I hate to admit it... my thoughts are... it's about stinkin' time! If you can't beat 'em join 'em, duh.

Side note: My most sincere condolences to the OSU Cowboys... You should be playing for the crystal ball. Nobody wants to watch a rematch of what was a boring game the first time. Despite all the criticism your defense caught, I thought they seemed to always get the job done (Way too well against my Sooners). So, I hope you blast Stanford and leave everybody wondering what SHOULD'VE been.

#3. The Ol' Blog
Just wanted to say thanks to all my favorite blog readers. It makes me REALLLLLLLLY happy when you all give me feedback! I have so enjoyed writing these little daily rants and most of the joy comes from hearing from readers. You gave great recommendations for our little vacation! I heard some funny stories about first attempts at a pumpkin roll! I have no doubt your prayers pulled my turkey through! Thank you guys! Please keep the comments coming! AND don't forget to follow me by clicking "Join This Site" over there on the right where it says "Friends." That's where I get to show off you guys!! (Yes, that was a shameless plug... Sorry but it was necessary.) It shows me that I have 9 followers, but it only shows 2 on the blog home page... I don't get it. Either way, whether you follow or not, I appreciate you reading. I hope occasionally, I'll provoke a little thought or provide a decent idea! Please know that you are loved and appreciated and are making at least one little blogger very happy. 
[As of ten minutes ago, my blog just went over the 4000 views mark! Woohoo!!]

#4. Christmas Panic
So, I don't exactly know what happened but there's only 16 days until Christmas. Uh oh. I tend to be an overanalyzer and when it comes to purchasing gifts my OCD plus overanalyzing equals decision making nightmare. I love to shop for other people! I love to buy presents! I want each gift to be thoughtful and heartfelt! Typically this isn't too big of a problem - I just have to buy for my parents, brother, grandma (Zac buys for grandpa, I didn't leave him out or anything), Brandon and a few friends. But this year my shopping list more than doubled!! I don't at all mean to sound like I'm complaining because I'm definitely not... I am thrilled to have a whole new family to spoil! Next time I'm just going to start my shopping a few more months in advance... what was I thinking?! Actually, I know what I was thinking... My thoughts were that in years before I had to put off Christmas shopping until after law school finals. Finals didn't end until a few days before Christmas and I still managed to get everything done, so I was sure I could get everybody taken care of during the entire month of December. Might have been wrong about that one. Oops.

#6. I Heart Modern Family
Oh my goodness, if you don't watch Modern Family you are missing out BIG TIME!! B and I love, love, love Wednesday nights all because of this thirty minutes of hysterical goodness! This show makes me laugh so hard I want to cry pretty much every week and there's always a very nice underlying message. This week was their Christmas episode and boy did it not disappoint! You can (and should) watch it by clicking here. I promise, it's worth your time.

Well, I told you they were random thoughts... Next week's posts most likely will include showing off our Christmas trees, Part II of Meeting My Match (Written by my better half, if I can con him into doing it), introducing you to the newest family member and two more posts about something super exciting that I haven't thought of yet... maybe another recipe?! Hope you guys get lots of shopping down this weekend and get to enjoy some time with your family!

Be Blessed!

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  1. Thoughts on the blog: the "followers" may also count readers subscribed to you via an RSS feed like Google Reader (that's how I'm following you). Not sure, but maybe??

    Yay for Raegan blogging!!!!! New Year's resolution 2011=conquered. :)