Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cooper: Week 21


(Chewing on his lip... as seen in ALL photographs)

Playing with Daddy's stethoscope.

Chewing on his toes.

Cuddling with his Mommy.

Helping Daddy build a big ol' fire!


Being sick.


Well this is a sequence of pictures... 
I was snapping away as Cooper "drove" his little walker up the hall way.
I couldn't get enough of his little face as he chewed on his bottom lip in concentration.
And then I stopped to see if I had managed to capture any decent pictures where he might have been looking at me - and this is what I saw:

Oh boy.
This is a really good way to ensure that Cooper will be receiving nothing that goes faster than a bicycle on his 16th birthday... but I can guarantee that this picture will be displayed at the party!


Day 141: The little Prince was not feeling well at all... He was super lethargic, barely opened his eyes when he was awake and wanted nothing more than to be cuddled... While the cuddling was precious, this was not normal and his Mommy and Daddy were a bit worried he had more than a cold...

So Daddy came home early from the hospital and since we were at Gabby and Pop's house for the weekend we took him to see our wonderful Uncle Bill (aka Dr. Anderson) to run a few tests to try to figure out why we couldn't kick this nasty cold. You know a kid is sick when they sleep on the floor at the doctor's office. 

The results came back and it was official - Cooper had RSV. We were so thankful it was a mild case and our sweet boy bounced back quickly. Daddy picked up the prescription and then we headed back to the Lodge where our faithful watchdog, Duncan, guarded the little man while he rested.

Day 142: Cooper felt much better but we sure didn't want to risk spreading our germs or getting him out, so the babe and Mommy hung out at the Lodge all day! We watched lots of HGTV, cuddled by the fire and played with Cooper's fish feet. So grateful to having a baby who felt good again!

Day 143: We ran to Fort Smith to return a few Christmas gifts that didn't work with Gabby.  This picture cracked me up because Gabby was changing Cooper's diaper and I was in the dressing room directly across trying on a shirt - I peeked out and saw this cute boy looking at me like "Seriously mom?" 

Day 144: Daddy had to go back to work so we drove back to OKC. The little man was one good sleeper in the car! Yay for no longer hating the car seat (except for the brief time immediately following buckling him in!) Also, this was a VERY special day because Cooper's baby cousin Henry was born!!

(The two happiest people in the world - Casey and I with our boys!)

Day 145: Cooper and Mommy hopped back in the car and drove to Tahlequah to meet our precious new cousin, Henry Steele! We have been waiting and praying to get to meet this sweet boy for what feels like forever! My cousin Casey and I have always fought over who got to hold the babies - we LOVE kids! It has always been my dream to be a Mommy and I am quite positive that Casey felt the same way about someday becoming a Dad... and today, 145 days after my dream came true, so did Casey's. God is good! Brandon and I cannot wait to watch Cooper and Henry grow up together! We know there are many, many days of watching sporting events, listening to wild stories from the deer woods and laughing at boys being boys in our future. We could not be more excited to take on this crazy ride called parenthood with Casey and Lyndsey. 

Over it. 

Day 146: Another ballgame! OU v. Kansas - we sat with our buddy Jackson but didn't get a picture!! (Kristen and I are really bad about that!) 

Day 147: Cooper's 4 month check up. Month Four started weeks ago but this was the day we were scheduled to see the pediatrician. Cooper was so happy to get to see his daddy at work that he never saw those mean ol' shots coming, poor little guy! He took them like a champ - screaming bloody murder until the second they were over and then he was good to go! His stats  and percentiles (based on his actual age, not the 4 month mark since we are a few weeks past that) were: 
16lb 10oz - 65% 
27in - 92%
Head - BIG

This concludes Week 21, but I wanted to share with you a few of the outtakes from our weekly photo shoot in the rocking chair... This boy is quite the little wiggle worm and getting his to cooperate becomes more and more of an adventure each week!


  1. Duncan is such a good dog. A few years ago when Deacon was a baby, your parents watched the kids for us when I had to take Kerry to the hospital in the middle of the night. The next day your mom said that Duncan slept right next to the pack-n-play and kept an eye on Deacon all night. I thought that was the sweetest thing ever.

    1. Thanks Cassie - we are pretty big Duncan fans! He has always been such a gentle giant... Not much of a watch dog, but that's okay we prefer a sweet dog!