Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cooper: Week 22


Cooper still loves being read to, but lately he prefers to read to you!
He will snatch the book away and start jabbering away.

Christmas Lights.
Yes, we are still taking down Christmas...

Hanging out with his buddy, Jackson.
These two are too cute together!

Riding his big boy horse.
Mommy or Daddy have to keep a hand ready because that horse is prone to buck!


Learning to crawl.
Cooper is rather unamused when his mean ol' Mommy puts all the toys he wants just out of reach! So the first thing he does is gives Mommy the stink eye and then he whines... When those don't work he rolls around until he is facing the toy of choice and gets up on his knees... But that inevitably leaves him face down with his diaper high in the sky... And eventually, after making him work for it, the mean ol' Mommy gives in and rolls him the ball. Maybe she isn't so mean after all.

Putting himself to sleep.
He doesn't love it for the first 5 minutes, but he's getting better at it every day!
He is getting to be such a big boy - I just put him in his crib and he fusses for a few minutes and then puts himself straight to sleep. An extra perk is that he doesn't HAVE to be in his crib, - he's also put himself down on the living room rug, on the guest room bed and just about anywhere else he can lay down!


The little man has become quite the little lover baby. 
He loves to snuggle and hold hands!
It's good for his Mommy and Daddy's soul.

And I couldn't pass up this one - such a sweet smile!


Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 149: Cooper's sweet Daddy turned THIRTY today! We soooo love and adore that sweet man. He takes really good care of us. He works hard all day/night and then comes home with a smile, ready to play! He is patient when Cooper is a big ol' cry baby or when Mommy doesn't quite get anything marked off the to-do list. He always makes us feel super special. He prays for us a LOT. He always helps Mommy around the house without even being asked. He is really good at making us laugh. He is an expert diaper changer. The list goes on and on and on... We are so very thankful for all he does, but most of all we are proud to call him our Hubby/Daddy. We are blessed! 

To celebrate Daddy's big day we met for a little surprise breakfast at yummy Syrup with our friends, the Dudes. Then Cooper went to watch an OU game with Gabby and Pops while Mommy and Daddy went to get massages! Finally, we got the babe back and headed to one of Brandon's favorites - Whiskey Cake - for a fun lunch with his side of the fam! It was a great day celebrating our great Daddy!


Day 150: Jackson's Baptism! Our small group celebrated a big day together as Cooper's best buddy was baptized. It was a very special ceremony and we were so happy to get to be there  for J's big day!

That evening Cooper hung out with his Grandpa while Mommy and Daddy continued celebrating Daddy by going to see Lone Survivor in the Director's Suite! Cooper loves his Grandpa and was happy to get to play with him!

Day 151: Mommy finally got around to taking down Cooper's Christmas tree. We were all kind of sad about it, as the Christmas lights made for such a fun night light... Cooper also went with Mommy to get her nails done. He has gone with me many times, but for some reason this trip he decided to make things interesting. He slept like an angel while I got a pedicure, but when the manicure started he was up and HUNGRY. I did my best to feed him while keeping both hands free (tricky, tricky!) but then he decided he was done eating and wanted to play. One by one, every person in the nail salon passed the bouncing boy! He smiled for them and hugged on them and pulled lots of people's hair! It was quite an adventure... I was so thankful for the kind people who were so helpful and pleasant despite my ball of energy child!

Day 152: Another day of Baby Yoga and a visit with Gramma and Jerry. That evening we watched the OU game on tv. Cooper was in his little activity saucer and while the game was on he would stare at the tv and jump like a wild man, but as soon as the commercials started he would stop jumping and play with the toys until he heard the game start back up in which he would put down all toys, look at the tv and resume jumping! This little guy loves his ball games!

Day 153: Cooper man hit the big 5 month mark!! The months keep flying by! We had a fun lunch date with Zac at one of our favorite spots, the Library. We love having Uncle Awesome so close by!

Day 154: We got all packed up and hit the road to Vian so Daddy could work at the hospital.

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