Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gender Reveal Brunch

Well, somehow I have let this post slip wayyyy through the cracks! Oops. Seriously guys, this pregnancy brain thing is for real. So, before I mentally check out again, let me fill you in on our gender reveal shindig!

We held a little gender reveal brunch at our house so that we could share the joy of learning whether Baby King was a girl or a boy with our families. We had the ultrasound on Thursday and kept our eyes away from all monitors so that we wouldn't be able to cheat - not that I would have known either way since I can never tell a thing about the ultrasounds until our doctors starts pointing and naming parts, but Brandon has quite a bit of experience and he would've known had he looked! But he didn't, I made him promise... And I tried my best not to count how many keys the doctor hit while typing BOY or GIRL. I may have a problem with over-analyzation of all things, can you tell?

We had my sweet friend, Cassie, make a cake and dye it either pink or blue on the inside. When we cut the cake, the color would tell us boy or girl! Cassie, is so incredibly talented, I truly can't sing her praises enough!! I couldn't really figure out what I wanted this cake to look like so I deferred to her expert opinion and sent her a picture of the invitation as a reference to the look we were going for. Wow, does she deliver?! The cake was a-dorable! If it hadn't held a secret that I was DYING to know, I probably would have never cut it.

Don't know where that food table picture ended up - I definitely took it!
But here's a little mantle pic instead!
We decided on brunch food because, well, I was planning the party and I really like brunch food! Ha! We had a waffle station with different toppings - strawberries, syrup, peanut butter, nutella and of course, whipped cream! Lots of other bite sized snacks - banana bread with cream cheese filling, muffins, brownies, homemade cinnamon rolls, chocolate and peanut butter fudge, egg casserole and fruit and other yummy goodies to be dipped in the chocolate fountain. But hands down, the most delicious thing of all was the cheddar biscuit ham sandwiches! Oh, they were a winner! I'll have to share the how-to on those in a Recipe Monday... you won't want to miss it, trust me!

The afternoon went off without a hitch and when it was finally time to cut the cake, the moment we had all been waiting for, Brandon was happy to do the honors! To be absolutely, 100% honest - we couldn't care less what color the cake was. Boy or girl, we already felt so incredibly happy and blessed that we didn't "want" one gender over the other.

We have spent so many hours and days praying for this little baby already - Praying that God would give us a sweet tiny miracle when He believed the time was right. Praying that he or she would be healthy and happy. Praying that we will be the very best parents we can possibly be and that when we do mess up, because let's face it it's inevitable, our child will show us grace and love. And more than anything, we have prayed that God would show us how to raise a baby that loves Him and serves Him and constantly strives to be like Him. So honestly, girl or boy, we knew God would give us exactly what we needed... and He did, He gave us a bright blue slice of cake! BOYYYY!

We were so blessed to have so many of our family members from near and far come to celebrate this exciting day with us. *I was unable to get pictures of everyone, but below is a pretty good sampling! We understood that planning a little shindig on a Saturday right in the middle of the day would keep some people from being able to attend, but little did we know how amazing everyone would be in their efforts to be there! From rearranging schedules to just spending their Saturday on the road, our family absolutely rolled out. It was overwhelming and humbling to see our home fill to the brim with the people we love and adore the most, all so excited for us and our sweet little baby. Cooper is already loved by so, so many... it just brings tears to my eyes to think about! Thank you, thank you, thank you to our sweet families for being so excited with us. We are truly honored.

My dad wore blue because he had a "good feeling!"

Cooper's "Uncle Awesome"
My sweet brother, Zac!

"Great-Grandparent Names Still Undecided"
My Grandma Tena and Papa Paul
Brandon's Aunt Edith, Uncle Jim & Sandy and cousin, Andrea

My beautiful cousin, Haley

"Aunt Ashlee" "Grammy" and "Big Cousin Brooks"
Brandon's sister-in-law, mom, Aunt Kim and nephew

My best friend from high school, Ashley and her husband, Sean

"Grandmother Whose Name is Still Undecided"
My mom and my bestie Sheridan's mom, Lynn
Brandon's best friend from high school, Jordan and his oldest son, Lane

"Aunt Ashlee, Uncle Caleb, Daddy and Momma"
Brandon's little brother and sister-in-law

"Big Cousin Blake" and "Aunt Callie"
My precious cousin Callie and niece, Blake

Be Blessed!


  1. That is a great pic of our mama's. Still sad I wasn't there! xoxo

  2. Such a fun and exciting day for you guys! Great job with all the details! So happy for you guys!! =)

  3. What an incredible gender reveal party!! The silhouettes are lovely and That. Cake.'s a boy! How much fun! Thanks for linking up!