Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Overload Part 3

This is the next to last day of Easter, I told you... I took a lot of pictures!

After the whole gigantic-soaking-wet-dog-in-truck episode, we gave up on catching any fish and headed to the very best, most amazing, crazy delicious, hole in the wall EVER... If you are ever completely lost and stumble upon Cookson, Oklahoma you MUSTTTTTTT stop at the little convenient store that is home to the Cookson Diner. There is only one room with maybe five tables and you have to walk through the kitchen to get from the front door to the seating area. During any hunting season, there will be a wait but it'll be worth it. Many times I am the only person in the place NOT wearing camo. It's been redecorated a bit since last time I was home, they have cute little antiques sitting on a tall shelf. It's almost guaranteed that the waitress will call you "honey." And I'm not positive (because I always go with my dad and he buys) but I'm betting you better have cash...

It is so ridiculously delicious! We go there every single time we head to the Ranch. They are only opened for breakfast and lunch and to be perfectly honest with you I've never ordered anything except breakfast because it's so stinkin' amazing. (But I have seen other people order gigantic juicy burgers!) I fully intended to take a picture of our food but then I was starving by the time we got the Duncan situation under control and I didn't think of it again until my plate had been completely cleaned. Sorry about that, you'll just have to trust me.

I always order the ham and cheese omelet and it comes with hashbrowns and toast. The omelet itself is pretty big and it's oozing with melted cheese and about a pound of ham. It. Is. Heavenly. Brandon always gets pancakes, so we split both our orders in half and share with each other. My dad is particularly fond of their biscuits and gravy and my mom ordered their new breakfast scrambler and it looked awe-some! It had scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, potatoes and cheese all mixed up. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. It's located in the middle of nowhere but it's definitely worth the drive!

This would be my brother in a pond. Remember that time I wrote a really sweet post to Zac on his birthday and I tried to sneak in the fact that at times he can be a little bit redneck? This would be one of those times. Here's what happened: We were fishing after breakfast and he cast out in the pond and the fishing line went over a tree branch but still landed in the water on the other side. Zac somehow managed to catch a fish and then while reeling it in, got the line stuck in the tree, which in turn left the fish dangling in the air. Somehow the fish squirmed around until it fell out of the tree but left Zac's favorite lure even more stuck. So my precious little redneck got the bright idea to wade out in the water, grab the part of the limb that was hanging down and break it so that the he could save his favorite lure. (In case you aren't up to speed on how much a lure cost... well it differs, but this particular lure couldn't cost more than $2.50... In other words, not near enough to wade out in a pond over.) His plan was working decently... he rolled his shorts up so they weren't getting wet, he had on flip flops so nothing too disgusting was on his feet, I'm not sure why he needed to take his shirt off but he did... The thing he hadn't calculated was how hard he'd need to pull the limb to break it. Apparently it was a little less attached then he expected, so he pulled as hard as he could and it snapped like a twig (Technically, I guess it was a twig) and Zac went flying backwards into the water! Soaked from head to toe! That, my friend, was really fun to watch.

That would be my dad fishing. If dad doesn't catch something in the first five casts, prepare to switch ponds immediately... Patience is not a virtue he finds important when it comes to fishing.

While the boys were catching fish, mom and I caught some sun in the back of the truck. I guess Zac isn't the only one with a little touch of redneck... I took this picture while we were driving from one pond to another. I wouldn't recommend riding in lawn chairs in the bed of a truck, but we were staying on the Ranch so there wasn't any risk of wrecking.

Mom and Dad had to head into town for the afternoon and B wanted to stay so while he continued to fish his little heart out, I played with... 

Baby Blake!! She and Callie came and sweetly sat with me and talked for hours on end! It was so good to catch up with Callie and Miss Blake was a completely content baby the entire time. We talked about everything under the sun and it was great fun!

Saturday evening we joined my parents at my mom's parents' house for some delicious pre-Easter dinner. My Grandma is a fabulous cook and dinner was great, but dessert... oh, dessert was even extra delicious! I'm not even really sure what it was - light and airy angel food cake with some type of wonderful sauce and whipped cream! We had a great time sitting around the table visiting with my sweet grandparents... I so wish I got to see them more often!

Be Blessed!

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