Monday, April 30, 2012

Thank YOU For Your Feedback!

Holy smokes, ask and you shall receive!! Thank you all so very, very much for all the feed back... From emails to facebook messages to comments on the ol' blog, my inbox was hopping! I am so appreciative to hear everything you had to say - the good, the bad and the ugly! 


Pictures for today's post are my own personal shout out to the
OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER and Playoffs 2012!!
Let's Go Thunder!!
I do want to clear a few things up... 

#1. I wanted to know your thoughts 
because there is always room for improvement.

When we beat Kobe and the Lakers... 
You know how you can write a resume and proof read it a hundred times, then you hand it to your friend and they glance at it for two seconds and point out that the first word after your name, "PROFESS8IONAL" has a random number in it? 

Sometimes, because you know what you meant to write, you can't read what is actually written. I wanted a second opinion on my blog, just like I want my friend to proof read my resume... YOU are my friend and you helped me see areas I need to improve on, things I could do better! Thank you!

#2. I am not discouraged about blogging. 

Thunder game with my pretty sister-in-laws!

I probably should have better explained myself before shooting out the request for feedback, oops! I am thoroughly enjoying writing down my thoughts, feelings and random stories... I have no intention to quit anytime soon.

If you don't know me personally, I am a talker. What? You aren't surprised? Weird... I LOVE to tell a story, especially if it is about my family, something I've learned and I think would help others or just something funny that has happened to me. Blogging allows me to tell my story to all that are willing to listen! That does nothing but make me happy.

#3. I am not the LEAST BIT frustrated with my readers!

When the Thunder beat the LeBron, DWade and the Heat!!

Whether you "follow" my blog or not. Whether you write a comment on every post, or never at all. Whether I have 20,000 views or just one (my mom)... I will continue writing! 

At the end of the day, this blog is for ME. It helps me think (instead of reacting, I stop and write), it helps me process things that sometimes I struggle with (ie forgiveness), it holds me accountable (ie adoption law), and it helps me remember (20 years from now, I'll still have the details of our love story in writing!). This blog is basically like my journal, except it isn't hidden under my mattress... 

On second thought, the above paragraph is partially a lie, I am one of those people that live under the false belief hope that someday my children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will want to know me... So I'm also writing for them, I plan to print this bad boy so that when I'm long gone, they can read my story in my words. Because that's realistic, right? 

With that being said, I love, love, love hearing from YOU! I mean, I much prefer a conversation to a lecture. When you comment or respond, I get to know YOU! I WANT to get to know YOU! And by no means, was I trying to guilt trip you into "following" or commenting, although it was fun! 

#4. I swear I wasn't fishing for a compliment, but...

Thundering Up with my Hubby!

I'm not going to lie, you guys made me feel sooooooo good!! Thank you so much for your kind words! It was so awesome to hear from friends of all ages that have known me my entire life that are reading to keep up with my life in "the City" and equally awesome to hear from people I've never met but have found that they relate very well to a small town girl! Your kindness made my heart overflow with joy! 

#5. YOU make me better!

My daddy has always told me to surround myself with people that make me better... This week, YOU have all made me better! YOU gave me advice, YOU shared your wisdom, and YOU made some wonderful suggestions!! (Did you notice, no mega-paragraphs?! And lots of pictures?! See, I listened!!)

YOU gave me some great ideas and I plan on implementing lots of them, so get excited for some fun new things coming soon!

Oh, and last but certainly not least, Recipe Monday lives on! I probably won't be able to post this week's recipe until Wednesday but plan on some mouth-water pork chops!!

Be blessed and know that you are greatly appreciated by,

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