Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Overload Part 4

This is the last of the Easter posts... which is good since Easter was weeks ago! But I didn't want to do every day leading up to Easter but then never post the actual day itself... I'm going to knock this out pretty quick because we had a super exciting weekend and I realllllllly want to introduce you all to my first ever NEPHEW! So let's do this Easter things so we can talk baby...

Are these roses not a-mazing?! My sweet and super talented mom has been arranging flowers for the front of the church for about as long as I can remember. In the dead of winter, she can arrange twigs of nothing and it turns out fabulous! She very sweetly says that God blesses her flower beds each week by making things bloom so she'll have something to work with. This Easter God gave her some of the most magnificant roses ever - their colors were so beautiful! She had a small arrangement sitting on the lobby table and I honest to goodness thought they were fake! Thanks mom for so selflessly sharing your beautiful flowers with Crossings Church each week!

Okay, so yes we might be in our late twenties... and yes, we have real jobs... and yes, we are definitely married... and yes, the Easter Bunny still visits our house!! I am so not ashamed or embarrassed. The Easter Bunny is awesome! Instead of dolls, he now brings cute clothes! I LOVE THE EASTER BUNNY!

Easter picture with my handsome hubby.
Brother was having none of it, some things never change.

We had Easter lunch at the Ranch house with all the cousins! Unfortunately I some how failed to get my camera in the mix when we took the group shot, so you only get to see Mr. Kason! One day I was playing with Kason at his "Gpa's" office and I ended up taking him over to the park. We were having soooo much fun running from the swings to the slide, back to the swings, back to the slide... Then I had this genius idea! I taught Kason this fun little cheer where I said, "Kason, who is your favorite?" and he jumped up and down and yelled, "Raegan is! Raegan is!!" It was a really fun cheer and I made him say it everytime he got on the slide or the swings (shameless, I know!). Well, go figure, here we are MONTHS later and I see the little squirt and say, "Kason, who is your favorite?" and he remembered!! And therefore, little Kason got whatever he wanted from me for the day. His requests were pretty easy - the rock he has in his hand, ride in the back of the truck and go fishing. Done, done and done!

Fishing got old pretty quick so Kason and I ended up throwing rocks, sticks, whatever we could find in the pond and he was adequately pleased. Finally Levi caught a fish and Kason just grabbed it and went down and threw him back in! What a little cutie! The look on his face completely cracks me up!

One of my favorite things to do at the start of Spring is pick flowers from the meadow. The high meadow at the Ranch is always COVERED in jonquils (also known as daffodils or buttercups) and paperwhites. Unfortunately I missed all the bright yellow jonquils this year but the paperwhites were still in bloom, so I grabbed up a quick bouquet before heading back to the city. They brought me such joy in the few days after I got back... It's always nice to bring a little small town home with me!

Be Blessed!

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