Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Introducing Our First Nephew: Baby Brooks!

I'm pretty positive last weekend took the cake for the "Best Weekend Award." We had the most wonderful weekend! It started off with Levi, Callie and Baby Blake driving in early Saturday morning... I got to play with Blake while her momma took a test and her daddy had a little nap after turkey hunting earrrrly that morning. Blake and I had so much fun - she laughed at Rylee (first time I've ever heard her laugh), she downed a couple of bottles, she helped me fold laundry and then we rocked a really long time as I soaked in her precious little face as she napped. That pretty girl has me wrapped around her finger!

When Callie got back from her test and Brandon got home from work, we got cleaned up and headed to meet Ryan, Jaime, Blythe and Zoe for some dinner. It makes me so happy when I get to spend time with my cousins! I am so blessed that they are not just my family, but also my wonderful friends. We had a great time laughing over yummy food...

That same evening we got a text from Brandon's mom saying our sister-in-law, Ashlee, was finally going into labor! YIPPEE!! We all have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first nephew, Brooks Caleb. Well, that sweet baby decided we all needed a lesson in patience so he refused to come until Sunday morning! Brandon and I asked that we be called as soon as any change occurred... at 4:30am we got the call and we BOLTED out of bed! (If only I had that burst of adrenaline every morning, I am positive I'd make it to work on time!) We talked to B's mom as we drove, she beat us back to the hospital and reported that all was well so we decided we'd grab everyone some Starbucks and donuts. We had to go to two donut stores because my favorite one (Daylight Donuts) wasn't opened... Seriously? You know you are up early when the donut shops are still closed. Then we were on the hunt for Starbucks... FIVE closed Starbucks cafes later we waited at the door until one opened. Geeze Louise, I just knew we were going to miss it while trying to find a cup of decent coffee! But no, Baby Brooks was still making us all wait...

We all had a great time waiting on Baby Brooks... Well, all of us except poor Ashlee whose epidural had unfortunately started to wear off. She was such a trooper!! When it was close to go-time we all gathered around the door, waiting to hear that joyful little cry of our sweet nephew.

Below are two pictures that I think are so precious... Ashlee's dad quietly paced outside the door waiting. We barely heard a sound from Ash as she brought Brooks into this world, she was super tough, but once or twice we heard a little crying sound and Ashlee's sweet daddy instantly quit his pacing and went to sit away from our little group standing around the door. I think it's so true that a daddy never stops being your daddy regardless of how old you are... You could tell hearing her pain, left him worried about his little girl...

And then we heard that sound we'd all been waiting for: Baby Brooks!! I was watching Terry's face and it instantly switched from stress to joy! Isn't that the cutest picture ever!?

On April 22, 2012
at exactly 8:47 in the morning 
our lives changed forever as


made our world a little sweeter.

He was welcomed with great joy by:

His momma Ashlee and daddy Caleb

Gramma Karen and Nana Judy
Papa Terry and Grandpa Larry
Uncle Brandon and Uncle Chris
Great-Grandparents Helen and Jerry

one verrrrry proud Aunt Raegan... (But I was too busy taking pictures to get in one!)
and many, many, MANY other friends and family from near and far.
He is already one blessed little boy!

Mr. Brooks had a full set of dark brown, almost black hair.
He weighed a healthy 7 pounds, 5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.
There is no doubt that he is perfect in every way imaginable!
And already so handsome!!
(Ashlee, Annia and I all agree that those Kings make some pretty boys!)

Blessed Grandmother"
Did I mention he has a VERY healthy set of lungs?
That boy knows how to get some attention!
Uncle Brandon is excited about his new fishing buddy.

Sweet Baby Brooks,

I don't know what your little future holds but I know this... You come from a long line of very good men and you have the responsibility of carrying on their good name. There are few things more important than a good name little Brooks, you'll understand this someday. You will see for yourself how you were given this good name... See, it comes from your Daddy, your Uncle Brandon, your Uncle Christopher and your Grandpa - they all have this amazing gift. It is uncommon, it is rare, it is precious and because you will grow up with these wonderful men as your role models, you will have it too... Each of these men are special because they have generous hearts. They are givers. They devote their time and money and talents and THEMSELVES to helping others. Your Daddy and your Grandpa are firefighters - they volunteered to run INTO the burning building to help others. Your Uncles are doctors - they sacrificed years of their lives to learn medicine so they could help others. These men are givers and it's not just in their job descriptions, they give when nobody is looking... I've caught them! When your Uncle Brandon was studying for his Boards, I saw your daddy sneak over to mow the yard in the middle of the hottest summer in Oklahoma history. When they see a need, they try their hardest to meet it, regardless of the self-sacrifice it takes. Little Brooks, you have very big shoes to fill.

We all have very high expectations for you, little guy. You were blessed before you even arrived because your mom and dad are some of the most wonderful people in the world. They are going to teach you many important lessons and you will grow to be a great man - full of strength, wisdom, integrity and love. You have the opportunity to see first hand what it's like to love God first and your family second... Those two things above all else... Your mom and dad are really good at that, they will show you.

Sweet little Brooks, know this above all else, from the moment we learned that you were joining our family, you were immensely loved. Our love for you is one thing that no matter what, will never, ever change. Your Uncle Brandon and I will cover your sweet little life in prayer daily. We are going to try our hardest to be the best Uncle and Aunt in the whole wide world... We'll probably jack that up some time down the road, but know that we love you and we're doing our best!

Happy Birthday Precious Brooks...

You are hugely loved by,
Aunt Raegan


  1. Your letter to Brooks was so sweet I almost cried. You sound like you have the best family surrounding you and what a beautiful thing! And a very handsome new nephew at that, you're going to be a great aunt! :)

  2. Aw!!! Congratulations!!! He is adorable and being an aunt is just the most fun!!! :)