Monday, January 30, 2012

Bad News and Good News

Hey Gang! I've got some bad news and good news today (hence the title)... My dad says to always start with the bad news so you can get it over with and then end on a positive note. I think it's a good call. So here goes:

Bad News: No Recipe Monday today.

I really don't have a great excuse... The honest to goodness truth is that I didn't cook a flipping thing all week! I realize this probably eliminates me from the running for Wife of the Year Award, shucks... I don't feel bad.

Let me just tell you about our little dinner menu for this week.

MONDAY:Spaghettios and Croutons
Monday I was craving sushi. No, I'm not pregnant, I just made the unfortunate mistake of driving by one of our favorite little sushi joints while on the way to Lowes. It was closed, so of course, I HAD to have it for dinner. I called Brandon and told him I needed sushi but I knew it would be completely unreasonable for us to drive all the way across OKC to our absolute favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Neko, so I was going to step away and let him choose what to do. I sounded extra whiney about how much I needed sushi, but I understood if he said no. He said that we'd talk about it when he got home, but if I really wanted it that was fine. I did REALLY want it, but my brain kept telling me "Let him choose because you can't be reasonable." So that's what I did. Major mistake. He got home and of course, the poor guy was exhausted so he very sweetly asked if I would mind just staying home for dinner. I agreed (Trying my very best to keep my pouting internal). He just wanted a sandwich so I whipped him up a yummy panini (If you don't have a panini press, you should. I wasn't sure I'd ever use it, but we use it all the time! It makes a plain ol' sandwich so fancy and extra delicious!!) But, I wasn't feeling a sandwich so instead I went for the next best thing after sushi... Spaghettios and Croutons. Yes, I eat like a 6 year old. No, I don't care. Yes, I just ate plain croutons. Yes, I know that's weird. No, I don't care about that either. Clearly, since I took this picture to document this moment, I didn't succeed at keeping my pouting internal. Oops.

TUESDAY:Sushi Neko

But then Tuesday rolled around and Brandon TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF! (Although technically I can't blame him for Monday's Spaghettios... ) I didn't get home from working a basketball game until 7:15pm and so we didn't get to Neko until 8:15pm but it was soooooo worth it! These are my three, all-time, very absolute favorite rolls! Leprechaun is up top (I pick the jalapeno off) and it's full of lots of yummy cream cheese, avocado, fried calamari and it's rolled in something crispy that tastes good! The middle roll is the Terry roll and it has shrimp, avocado, rice and other yummy stuff (sometimes I try not to know everything about what's in my sushi), rolled in soy paper with spicy mayo. The bottom is the Lifesaver roll - crab salad, smoked bacon, avocado, salmon or tuna with a lemon wedge on top! Oh my goodness, it was heavenly! I definitely ate more than my fair share!!

WEDNESDAY:Raising Cane's Chicken
Wednesday night I watched the Bachelor at my friend's house because B had to work a little later than normal... Our Bachelor watching is a weekly event and it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't eat my favorite fried chicken, french fries, super buttery toast... all while drowning each bite in that famous Cane's sauce! Incredibly unhealthy, but oh. so. delicious! 

Thursday night we met Brandon's brother and sister-in-law for dinner... Remember when I told you in last week's post that we were looking for new adventures since all we do now is eat... This would be one of those times, we just ate to our little heart's delight! Sushi again!! But this time we even added a little filet from the ol' hibachi grill. This meal also made my heart happy, but not in a heart healthy way. Oh well, I worked out this week - it probably cancelled it out, right?!

FRIDAY:Raising Cane's Chicken
Friday Brandon picked me up from work and we headed to Quartz Mountains in western Oklahoma. Since we were in a rush we had to eat more fast food... Cane's again!! I've never eaten the same thing multiple times in a week without kind of feeling "over it" but this was definitely not the case this week - I could go for some sushi or Cane's again, like right now!! We were so fortunate to get to drive straight into this beautiful sunset for almost an entire hour... it kept getting better and better and it definitely made our little road trip extra enjoyable!

SATURDAY:Residency Retreat
We spent our weekend at a retreat hosted by Brandon's residency... I'll tell you all about it tomorrow! But they fed us all weekend and the food was really good!! You'll have to wait on those pictures until tomorrow!

SUNDAY:Genghis Grill
We got back Friday evening and Brandon's mom offered to take us to Genghis Grill. If you haven't ever been to a Genghis Grill, you are definitely missing out. Basically you get an empty bowl and then you go through a buffet of raw meat (Sounds gross but it's isn't I promise), veggies, fruit, etc. Then you pick your spices and your sauces and then they cook it for you... It's a lot like hibachi except you can have as much as you can fit into the bowl!! It isn't weighed like at the yogurt places, it's just $10 regardless of how much you stuff in there! Brandon's mom so sweetly went and rescued our dog, Rylee for the weekend and then bought our dinner! What a great mother-in-law?! She always takes really good care of us, and we are very appreciative of her kindness and generosity!

So there you go, no recipe because I was way too busy stuffing my face all week, to slow down and actually cook! I promise there will be something yummy next week!!

Oh, and the good news!!! Meeting My Match Part III is going to happen this Wednesday! Get excited!! If you missed the first two parts of our sweet little love story you can find Part I here and Part II here!

Also, want to see something hi-larious?! Check out this video of our sweet niece Blake! Is that not the funniest face ever? Love that little munchkin!

Be Blessed!

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