Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If This Blog Were An Outfit...

One of the most difficult things about writing a daily blog can be thinking of what to write about. There are days when this isn't a problem at all - I've seen/heard something that I feel strongly about and want to express my opinions, or I have a good story to tell, or I just need to brag on my cute little husband! Then there are days when I've got nothing, zero, zilch. On those days I either don't write anything at all or look to the never ending source of inspiration - other blogs!! I read about twenty blogs daily and one of my favorites is written by a fellow OU alumnae, Samantha! Her blog, The Peak of Tres Chic, is exactly that - super chic! Of all the blogs I read, The Peak of Tres Chic, is my go-to for my daily dose of fashion! And it's not just fashion trends in clothing, but also home decor!! Can it get better than that?!

So, now that you and Samantha have been appropriately introduced, let me just tell you about a post she did this week! On Monday, The Peak of Tres Chic featured this super fun idea: If This Blog Were An Outfit. Samantha decked her post out in super fun, ultra trendy clothing that pretty much summed up the "look" of her blog! I thought it was wonderful and fun... and it got me thinking... If Frilly Little Details were an outfit, what would she wear?! Well, it'd depend on the day! Soooo, here's what this blog would wear if it were an outfit...

On a game day:
Got our crimson with a touch of cream... a little leopard is required!

On a summer day:
Short shorts and wedges are a must... along with a big handbag!

On a night on the town:
The perfect little black dress...

On a day in her hometown:
With jeans and boots, of course!

On a work day:
Vintage inspired dress, hat is required!

On a party night:
It's got the "frilly" and "little" parts covered!

On a date with her hubby:
Denim and heels, can't go wrong!

On a cold day:
She'd probably avoid the yellow, she prefers green!

On a day when she feels like doing exactly what she wants
and pleasing nobody but herself:
A touch of country and a whole bunch of frilly!

Wasn't that fun?! Go check out The Peak of Tres Chic!! Thanks Samantha for the inspiration!

Be Blessed!

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  1. What a sweetheart you are! You definitely didn't need to credit me with this, but I am very flattered. I def think all your outfits perfectly describe Frilly Little Details. Love it!