Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Recap of 2011!

I've seen a lot of year long recaps on blogs lately and I decided it looked like a good idea! So here is a picture play-by-play of my 2011!

Brandon's birthday is in January and we celebrated with not one, but TWO surprise birthday parties! A lonnnnng time ago he told me that he'd always wanted a surprise party so a surprise birthday is exactly what he got!! First we partied at his favorite Mexican food restaurant with his family... and then we went to my hometown and had another surprise dinner with my family! (You run the risk of the first surprise party being predictable, but two... nobody expects TWO surprise parties!! Luckily, since I had lotttts of help from his brother and mom he didn't see the first one coming either!! SUCCESS!)

In February we had snoooooow!! Brandon and I lucked out by being in my hometown when it hit so we had lots and lots of hills to sled! This picture was taken while we were taking a break from sledding behind my dad's truck at the Ranch. Super fun!

In March the Oklahoma City Alumni Club that I am a member of hosted our annual Gathering of Angels fundraiser. I had the honor of being on the GoA Committee as we hosted the one and only Pioneer Woman! It was the biggest fundraiser in our Club's history and it helped us win the Premier Alumni Club in the nation! How cool is that? I so enjoyed working on the event... so much so I may just post pictures of it next week! Check back later!

I was a pretty big fan of April... it's the month we got ENGAGED!! Oh man, that was a realllllly good day! I'm not going to elaborate because it definitely should get it's own post. I think Meeting My Match (Part II) will be tomorrow's feature... get excited!! We were both in some fun weddings in April - Brandon was the best man when his older brother, Chris, and his wife, Annia, got married in Miami, Florida. I had the honor of serving as Maid of Honor in the wedding of one of my life-long best friends, Ashley, when she married  her sweet husband, Sean... and on the SAME DAY, I was in my sorority sister, Haley's wedding! We were both so honored to be able to be a part of each of their big days!

We did a lot of celebrating during the month of May because Brandon graduated from Medical School!! Woohoo! Immediately following graduation we quickly hopped on a plane and headed back to Oklahoma for Sooner Spectacular - a huge event that my office worked on for months! It was a smashing success and a whole lot of fun but I thought Brandon's graduation definitely deserved the picture for the month of May!

I'm pretty sure I spent the entire month of June knocking out wedding plans! From multiple meetings with caterers and our florist, to hugging my daddy after seeing all the hard work he had done clearing out our ceremony site - we got a TON accomplished during the month of June! This picture is at our delicious tasting... unfortunately Brandon wasn't able to attend but I knew what his favorite was before we even tried anything - Chocolate with peanut butter!! (It was such a hit at the wedding that poor Brandon didn't even get a single bite!! Poor guy.) Mom and I had such a fun time discussing every little detail leading up to the Big Day!! Also in June, one of my very best college friends, Britanny, married our buddy, Neal. She had a weekend long celebration and we were thrilled to get to be a part of it!!

This picture cracks me up! Look at those little tender-footed boys tip toeing over the rocks!  July was full of some great times on the lake, especially this day when Brandon and I both had our brothers in tow. It was the hottest, driest summer in the history of Oklahoma but we took advantage of every day of sunshine!

Yes, that is Tim McGraw and yes, he is singing to ME!! (I wasn't the one taking this picture) Oh man, that was the most amazing concert experience I have ever had!! August was another hot month and most of it was spent knocking out the last minute wedding to-do list! 

You know what happened in September.... WEDDING!!! Most wonderful day of my life easily! We were blessed with perfect weather, surrounded by wonderful friends and family and absolutely, positively over the moon happy! Then we got to take a fabulous honeymoon in the Dominican! 

October was MY birthday and one awesome football game in Dallas - OU/Texas!!  We took my parents to the game and had a great time... (Told you my mom proudly supports the Crimson when necessary!) It was an amazing first month of being married! Most of our days were filled with hectic hospitals or Saturdays with the Sooners, but we were beyond happy to come home to each other! Also, during October Brandon was a groomsman for his little brother, Caleb, when he married Ashlee!! Yes, you read that right... All three got married in 6 months!! We also added a new niece to our family, little Miss Blake!

This month we celebrated our first Thanksgiving, definitely one I'll never forget! I survived cooking my first turkey and we had lots of fun being in the company of family! This picture is from the week before Thanksgiving when we made the trip to my hometown so that Brandon could meet Blake and we could see some of the beautiful fall trees! We took a little hike with my parents, brother and Aunt Suzanne to check out the amazing view from Tater Top Hill... so glad we made that trip!

We didn't fair too well in Bedlam this year, but we had such a great time with B's family that we didn't really mind. We had a super busy month, knocking out TEN Christmases!! But we were so very thankful we were able to celebrate the birth of the TRUE KING with so many people we love and adore. We rang in the New Year by cuddling on the couch, exactly what I wanted to do!! December was the perfect ending to an unbelievable year!

Be Blessed,

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