Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Really Random Thing I Want: A Garden

In my 3.5 months of being a wife, I've tried really hard to whip myself into a Little Miss Homemaker! I always loved to do laundry ("Always" meaning my life after college when Mom stopped doing everything for me.) so adding Brandon's three loads of darks to my normal load wasn't any big deal. Seriously, I think the boy only owns darks... He looks really good in black what can I say? The OCD in me actually enjoys cleaning although married cleaning is so much different than single cleaning... I can't even imagine married with kids cleaning! Makes me tired just thinking about it! B isn't messy and I must admit - the little piles throughout our house are primarily mine - it's just that by the time I make the drive home from work, change clothes, cook dinner, eat dinner and clean up dinner, it's pretty much our bedtime... so little piles start popping up (bills, junk mail, random baseball caps, cards I need to write, etc) and they don't get put away until the weekend. But I'm trying!

My biggest transformation by far has come in the cooking department. I went from burning frozen pizzas to making homemade pizza (probably not a great example, as homemade pizza isn't too impressive... but if you'd seen how bad I was to start you'd be impressed by the fact that I successfully made a sandwich, promise!). The cooking adventure has been great fun and very rewarding when something actually turns out edible but I'm already searching for more!! So the latest thing added to my Little Miss Homemaker list is to have a garden.

Why this entices me, I have no clue! I mean it'd be nice to save money, but it'd probably be much more efficient to just start couponing... (Which BY THE WAY, if you are "couponer" would you please explain this phenomenon to me! Where do you even get the coupons? I shop at Crest and I LOVE it but I dropped a couple of Franklins there this weekend and if couponing would prevent that then SIGN. ME. UP. Let me know! Seriously!) and I love to work in the yard, but typically that only applies to flower beds! Don't ask me why I'm doing it, just know that there will be produce in my backyard this summer (hopefully). Sooooo, in case YOU had the urge to garden I thought I'd share this awesome website with you - Sprout Robot!

It's so cool! I really, really wish they had one of these for flowers!! Basically, you sign up for FREE and enter your zip code. It will prompt you to choose what veggies you want to grow and if you want to put them in containers or in the ground. Then it takes a minute to configure everything up and it shows you a personalized calender for when you should plant what!! And HOW to plant it all! AND it will send you an email to remind you (because I may or may not be all about a garden come May). Awesome, huh!? If you want, you can pay an additional fee and they'll mail you the seeds at the appropriate times and everything... I think I'll just visit my local Atwoods. If you have questions or comments, you can post them onto their forum and people actually answer them... and it sure does look like they kind of know what they are talking about! The only massive drawback that I saw was that okra wasn't one of the vegetables I could pick... considering it's one of the few green things I eat, that's a negative. Oh well, I'll live.

Example of the step by step for planting tomatoes!

Now if you happen to be a gardening expert or a new gardener, please share your gardening wisdom, what you've learned, what you wish you hadn't done, what grew well for you, etc. Or if you just think I'm crazy and feel that somebody should tell me, go for it!! You wouldn't be the first person trust me. I'd also really like to grow fresh herbs in cute little pots if anybody has any insight on that, please share!

Be Blessed!


  1. Thanks for the info. I TRIED planting a garden, but it was far from a success. We ended up eating the world's tiniest (but tastiest) strawberries and a few cucumbers. Everything else I planted was a bust in one way or another.

  2. I'm so excited about the website! Kevin and I planted a garden last year, but getting married the beginning of July just really messed up the gardening planning and time. On my " before baby arrives to-do list" is research and plan my garden adventure for this year. I will definitely make use of that website. Can't wait to read your future updates on the garden.