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Meeting My Match (Part II)

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As promised, Brandon sweetly volunteered to write his side of our little love story. If you missed Part I you can view it here. I, personally, love hearing Brandon tell our story because he has an incredible memory and he never forgets a single small detail (Although sometimes, this doesn't work in my favor...). So I was very pleased to find, tucked deep down in my stocking, on blue "Patient Integrated Progress Records" paper, Brandon's handwritten version of Meeting My Match Part II! Here it is:

I've been asked to give the next part of our story, but in my words instead of Raegan's. So, I'll provide a little background and then fill you in on what REALLY happened.

The day I met Raegan I knew there was something special about her and the more time I spent with her, the more my assumption was solidified. We just had too many things in common - we loved to travel, the outdoors, to scuba dive, sky dive, snow ski, etc. Most importantly she was kind and generous, and had a heart for the Lord. She reminded me of the woman I had read about in Proverbs 31. But no matter how hard I tried or how nice I was, I could never land that second date. I started to think we were destined to just be friends. However, God apparently had other plans.

As she stated before, we would randomly bump into one another throughout our four years of college - whether it be in the halls of OU or sitting at the table I happened to be waiting on at Charlestons, we never quite had the opportunity to forget about one another. We would talk, go on a date, and then just casually talk on the phone until we lost touch and let the cycle restart. It wasn't until I left the state for medical school that our meetings began to reveal more of God's presence.

One morning during the spring of my first year, I woke up with a vivid dream still in my mind. I replayed the events that I had conjured up over the night and I was surprised that I could remember every bit of this dream, that usually never happens! I had dreamed that Raegan and I were on vacation together with her parents. Now I hadn't seen or heard from her in at least a year, so her presence in my dream was a little odd. I decided I would look her up and see what she was doing, where she was living, if she was married... You know, the important things. It just so happened to be around Spring Break and I was going to be home for the break, so I called her up in hopes of scheduling a date. To my surprise, she was still in Norman in law school, as well as single! The problem was (which I found out much later) she had JUST gotten out of a serious relationship and I was the first brave soul to ask her out. After a lot of charming and a little help from her mom (or maybe a little charm and a lot of help from her mom... Thanks Shawna!), she agreed to let me take her to our favorite little hibachi grill.

The night went perfect. We had a great dinner, she looked stunning, we picked up where we left off and then we didn't go on a second date. I called her the next day to see if she wanted to go get ice cream with me (If you know Raegan, you know that this was almost a guaranteed yes), but she was less than thrilled to go so we didn't. (This was definitely not one of her best moments, so I have to whip it out occasionally when she needs a good guilt trip.) Once again, I chalked up our relationship to remaining only acquaintences.

The final time we would randomly bump into each other proved to be the proper timing God had planned out for us. As Raegan said, it was New Years Even night and I was at a Thunder basketball game with my friends. She just so happened to be there that night as well and we randomly sat in the same section... except she was there on a date. Being that I was still in "Friends Zone" she spotted me and sent me a text to say hello. I was very surprised to see her name pop up on my screen and we made small talk via text throughout the game. At one point during our friendship, Raegan had said that I could spend a month rotating with her uncle for my rural family medicine rotation so I brought the subject up to see if the offer was still open. She assured me that her uncle would still take me and I had created a good reason to call her later.  We said our good byes and I waited my 3-5 days before calling to look further into this opportunity.

She was her usual charming self. She provided me with the information I needed, she told me when was the best month to come and she even offered up her parent's house as a place for me to stay (I know, kind of scary since I had never met them, but I wasn't worried about that part yet). I hadn't seen her yet on this occurrence, so I tried the ice cream trick again... with the added ploy that I needed to get her the paperwork so she could give it to her uncle and this time she agreed!

We agreed to meet at Marble Slab in downtown Oklahoma City. This was the first time I would have seen her since our last "first" date (a year earlier), I knew I needed to do some things differently, play my cards a little better if you will, if I was ever going to follow it up with a SECOND date...

Well, that catches you up on MY side of the story... Raegan will have to fill you in on what happens next!

Bless the poor boy's heart... I was more than a little difficult! And he does pull that "Remember that time you were rude to me when I just wanted to take you to get ice cream" card quite often... and it works EVERY time! I still feel terrible! (I may have said something to the effect of, "Well, I guess I can but I'm not getting dressed up or brushing my hair or putting on make up." See, total brat move. I'M SORRY HUSBAND! I LOVE YOU and appreciate your NEVER ENDING supply of patience!) Don't feel too bad for him though, he got even and made me pay, but you'll have to wait for Meeting My Match (Part III) to hear all about that! Hopefully, it won't take two months for me to post this time. Oopsy!

ALSO in other breaking news: Our wedding was featured on the Brides of Oklahoma's website for being Vows that Wow!! You can view their post about our wedding here or by clicking on the picture below. We are so flattered!

Be Blessed!

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  1. I love this story. I'm hanging on every word. By the way, I turned Scott down twice before I finally agreed to go on a date with him. (It wasn't because I didn't want to, I had other things going on and that is NOT COOL to ditch your friends for a guy.) That playing hard to get thing REALLY works.