Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playing A Little Catch Up

I was thinking about my 34 previous posts and I decided that a few things needed to be followed up on... I mean, obviously there are more parts coming to a lot of posts (like Meeting My Match), but there are a few things that can be summarized in a paragraph instead of needing an entire post. So here goes:

First off, thank you mother for asking questions... all the rest of you, thanks for NOT asking questions so it'd look like my mom is the only one reading my blog (This may be exactly what is happening, but I really hope not) I appreciate you all for keeping me humble. (Yes, that is sarcasm and yes, I hope you feel bad.) Anyway, since my mother was the only one who asked additional questions, I will answer them all... even the ones she asked as a joke.

How do you feel about: list 5 things that make your Mom the best. (ok so I might be pushing it with 5 ---make it 3).
No worries mom, I think I can probably swing 5... Here goes:
     #1.   My mom's priorities were always (1) Jesus, (2) my dad, (3) Zac and me, (4) our extended family, (5) our friends... Notice who isn't in the top 5... herself. She has always been the most selfless person I know.
     #2. My momma can cook and she always makes desserts because she knows that's my favorite part! (Funny side note: I've been getting recipe requests via Facebook from my high school friends! So far nobody has asked for a single one of MY recipes, only my moms... I've gotten quite a few for her famous cookies, but the majority ask for her chicken and dumplings. One of my best buddies literally wrote "Her chicken and dumplings are served in Heaven." He's probably right...)
     #3. My little brother would say my mom is very good at writing papers. If you asked how he knew that, he'd plead the Fifth...
     #4. My mom always pushed me (Before you go call DHS, I don't mean physically). Regardless of what I was doing, when I was at the point where I thought, "Well that's all I've got" she would push me to give a little more. Whether it was on the tumbling mats or the gym floor, in the classroom or in church - my mom has always had more faith in me than even I did. It's always been reassuring to know that whatever I try, I know my mom thinks I can do it and do it well.
     #5. My mom showed me exactly what a wife is supposed to be. I have always known that my dad was the boss, my mom's opinion definitely mattered, but dad made the final call (with the single exception of a puppy that my dad said no to but mom gave the green light on... Dad still isn't over it and it's been 9 years). My mom showed me that it's really important to make your husband look good - whether it's reminding him to call someone on their birthday or softly pointing out something that he could do better - my mom has made my dad look good for over 30 years now and she has never, not once, wanted a bit of the credit. My mom taught me that insisting your family sits down for dinner together, without the tv on, is a really good thing. My mom explained to me that the best thing I can do for Brandon is pray for him daily. My mom taught me that she tries extra hard to show my dad that she loves him when he deserves it the least because that's when he needs it the most. Thanks Mom.

Ok. Maybe this one is more believable. What is the most significant thing you learned in 2011?
Tough one! The most significant thing I learned... I think, when reflecting back on 2011 in the years to come, I will see this year as the year when I truly realized how amazing my family is. I've always known I had a very special group of people that happened to share the same last name as me, but I think this year revealed to me how incredibly awesome my family really is. Growing up most kids had their parents, and maybe grandparents, in the stands cheering for them - not us! Any one of my cousins can attest that whatever we participated in (cheer, basketball, football, baseball, wrestling, dance, doesn't make a bit of difference) our whole, entire family was there... in full force... yelling a lot. I think I took this for granted as a kid... but this year, I learned how amazingly supportive my family is and now, as an adult, I'm going to try my very best not to take them for granted. A few examples are as follows: I was so happy to get to be at the hospital when Baby Blake was born, and apparently I wasn't the only one! All our aunts/uncles were there (8 total) and the majority of the cousins came (13 total) and of course our grandma was there (1)... that adds up to 22 people in the waiting room all for one little tiny baby. When Blake sees those pictures years from now, she'll know without a shadow of a doubt that she was loved by a lot of people literally since the second she was born. Then a few days later, Callie got really sick and had to be put in ICU for a day or two... my family doesn't just roll out on the fun stuff, approximately 17 people sat in the waiting room that day too. When my dad had unexpected surgery this year, I sent a group text while driving to the hospital and by the time I got there the crowd was already starting to assemble... and they don't just drop in, they are there for the long haul. I had to get back to OKC, but one family member or another was with my dad 24 hours a day for almost 4 days. The week leading up to my wedding, I had one GIANT to-do list. My family was "all hands on deck." My older cousin Casey called me first thing every morning to ask what he and Levi could do for me that day. The girls, Callie and Lyndsey, did everything from assembling invitations and programs to finishing up projects that I ran out of time on. The morning of the wedding my Uncle Neal was at the Ranch an hour before me wiping down the pews from the rain the night before. My Aunt Suzanne gave me treasures from her home to decorate with and not just the ones she wasn't that crazy about, she told me I could borrow anything I wanted and she meant it. On my wedding day EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF MY FAMILY - from my 86 year old grandma to my 3 year old niece Zoe - worked to make our day perfect. (Little Z helped carry table cloths to each table.) 2011 made me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have a family that will be right by side regardless of if it's a happy time or a hard time. I will try my best to never take their love for granted.

Or. What one regret do you have regarding 2011? If you could have "do-overs" for one day of 2011 what would you change and why?
I wish with my whole entire heart that I had coughed up the money to video our wedding. At the time, it was something that was just yet another big expense and I really didn't think I would ever watch it more than once... Oh, how I regret that decision! I so wish I could go back and watch that day over and over again. I wish I could hear the toasts - they were so wonderful and heartfelt! But that is the ONLY thing about last year that I'd do differently, 2011 was very, very good to me.

Don't worry, I didn't forget to post the updated pictures of our new and improved bedroom... It's just that it's still a work in progress! We have everything painted and glazed with the exception of ONE wall! It's just lacking that last coat of glaze and it would have been finished with other three walls but we ran out of glaze... and we bought all that the two local Lowe's had! They promise that it should be back in stock this week so hopefully we'll finish it up in the next few days! I've been on the hunt for new lamps for our bedside tables and a few things to hang on the walls! I've been shopping away but just not having much luck! Cross your fingers for me...

I thought I'd give you a quick report on how those New Year's Resolutions are holding up. We are over two weeks in folks!! Keep up the good work! Or try harder!.. depending on which type of encouragement you need!

1. Work out at least three times a week
So far so good on this one, one week I even got 4 work outs in there!! Woohoo for setting the bar relatively low and then topping it.

2. Cut out pop
Well, I'm not going to lie, this one is almost like a gimme. I've only wanted a pop two times so far and both times I just had to remember that I had a new rule and that was that. So yay for self-control, even if it didn't require much!

3. Keep a daily prayer journal Read through the ENTIRE Bible by reading some each day
As much as I hate to admit it, this has been the toughest one for me. It's my own fault for starting it off all wrong. I refused to write until I had a pretty journal to write in (Just in case someday it would turn into a family heirloom, you know? Sadly, I'm serious. I think about these things.) and I didn't find the perfect pretty journal until the 10th... That'll definitely mess with your resolution. BUT while in the hunt for the perfect pretty journal I decided to alter my resolution a bit to make it more attainable while still accomplishing the bigger overall objective - spend more time daily with Christ. So, using YouVersion (a free App that is AWESOME) I signed myself up for a plan to read through the entire Bible in a year. It tells me what to read each day and has a place for me to check it off (because checking things off a list makes me feel good about myself) as I go. I'm really enjoying this and it's given me quite a refresher on a few books of the Bible I tend to skip.

Also, I would really encourage everyone to look into doing a reading program using YouVersion. The app is completely free and you can choose from a variety of different plans - devotional, topical, youth, partial Bible or whole Bible. Each plan has a ton of different options... I choose CCV: The Bible in ONE Year. With this plan each week day I get a reading from the New AND Old Testament, as well as Psalms or Proverbs. There are no readings on the weekends to allow you to catch up or get ahead. The readings take me about 10 minutes total and I have been very surprised how many new things I've noticed about stories I thought I knew very well. For example, apparently my knowledge on Abram/Abraham was only at the children's Sunday School level and I didn't even realize it. I knew the basic story and plot line and I just assumed that was all the details that were given. Now, reading over the life story of Abraham and Sarah I have learned so much that I didn't even know I was missing!

4. One random act of kindness each week

This was the resolution B and I made together and we've been doing pretty good! I think I should have defined "act of kindness" a little more in depth. I mean what's the difference, in just being above normal nice and an act of kindness? Err, should have re-read my own Resolution rules. Nevertheless, Brandon and I have gone out of our way to be EXTRA kind to someone each week and it's definitely a resolution that has been rewarding!

On the adoption front... I'm mid-read on this nice, big book of forms and I'm really enjoying learning more about the process! I've ask my boss if he would give me the green light to possibly miss a few mornings work to (hopefully soon) attend some court dates and he was so very encouraging. Have I mention that I work with some really awesome people?! This weekend Brandon and I are going to dinner with his Aunt's family and hopefully we can get a few dates set for me to do a little shadowing... She very sweetly offered some before Christmas but we've been a bit short staffed at the office so I had to decline, but now we are back in full swing so I'm ready to get this show on the road! I'm so excited to see what God has up his sleeve for me in this new adventure and I'm so, so, so appreciative of all your kind words, love, support and prayers. Thanks gang!

Last, but definitely not least... Our little vacation! After MUCH deliberation we have decided to visit Austria and Switzerland in late May! We could not be more excited!! Now, if we can just figure out how to cash in our frequent flier miles (everybody say a little prayer!). I've already picked up a few books - Rick Steve's and Lonely Planet! Let the research begin!! If you've been or know of someone that's been or have seen or read about somewhere awesome that we just shouldn't miss PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE shoot me an email or post a comment or write on my facebook! The majority of my favorite places in the world were discovered simply because someone told me I should make sure to check them out.

Hope each and every one of you are having an awesome day! If you have any questions or if I didn't update something that you've been waiting to hear about, feel free to contact me! Thanks so much for reading my frilly little blog! You all bring me great joy!

Be Blessed!

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  1. Very informative young lady! I am blessed with a big awesome family as well and their is nothing better! So happy you are doing well. Hadn't heard anything about you wanting to adoption but I will sure say a prayer for you in your process! Look forward to reading more of your blots. Take care!