Friday, January 27, 2012

Confession: Sometimes I Can Be A Little Random

Ok, this is probably past the "little" random line, but this blog is all about telling all the frilly little details so here goes...

I must confess...

Last Sunday, after church...

I searched for hidden treasure.

I am a little embarrassed,
and I wish it was a joke,
but it isn't... 

I did it.

And you know what?

It was really fun!

Ok, before I go on my random rampage, let me explain myself a bit. I didn't like put a patch on my eye and purchase a parrot or anything... I went geocaching. I know what you're thinking - geo-what? (It's pronounced geo-cashing)

Searching for our first cache around a bank sign.
I didn't take any pictures from looking in the parks, too awkward!

According to the Geocaching website:
 "Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location."

After finding our first cache! Hidden in a mini-M&M container that
was covered in camo duct tape... It was the windiest day ever (hence my crazy hair)!

In other words, it's like easter egg hunting for adults! Basically, you register for free on the website and then type in where you are. The website will generate a list of hidden "caches" (aka treasure) and using your map on your cell phone you go to the location and try to find the hidden container! Sometimes the containers are big (think bucket), other times they are super small (think bullet... for a gun, not the mini-blender). It was much more difficult than I expected!

Every cache has a log in it where everyone writes their team name and date on which it was found!
Why? Why in the world did I go hunt for hidden treasure? Good question. Here's the back story... Brandon and I love to take on adventures with our partners in crime - his brother and sister-in-law. They are a ton of fun and always up for anything! We love to rock climb, play tennis (or attempt to play tennis), go to the driving range, ski at the lake... anything to keep us busy and outdoors! But now they are about three months away from bringing our little nephew (!) into the world, so our outdoor adventures have been put on hold. And while we still love to hang out with them, and we've all become very good eaters (we have to show soon-to-be Momma, she's not in this alone!), we all miss going on our little adventures! Enter GEOCACHING...

The cache hidden in the tree had lots of random stuff with it!
This find was especially fun because the clues taught us history about the city where B grew up.

Brandon and I went on a little trial run in a park near our house... just to make sure geocaching wasn't too nerdy or random or just straight up weird. Well, let's just say, we didn't find the cache AND I'm pretty positive there were a few moms at the park that thought we were creepy pedifiles. In our defense the clue said that the cache was hidden in a "nice place to sit and watch." So we assumed it was hidden on the park benches that circled the playground equipment. We walked around to each one and checked them out... although to an attentive mother it probably appeared that we were vultures circling their children. Needless to say, I finally realized how creepy we looked and insisted that we leave.

The teeny-tiny cache that we found in a bird house hanging from a tree!

We decided that, despite our first failure, we should at least give it a try with B's brother and sister-in-law, so after church we started on our first quest. Yet again we were the park creepers but this time we noticed that we weren't the only one creeping around! We ended up talking to a couple and their little boy who were geocaching as well. They gave us some good hints and we all went on our way. We ended up finding three caches in about two hours - we found one behind a bank sign at a large intersection, one in a bird house behind a church and the final one wired to a tree at a deserted train depot. Randomly, we also found a lady's wallet in a field... It had her drivers license, nursing license, checks and credit cards still in it and one of the checks had been written just five days earlier. So, our good deed for that week was returning it to the lady. Turns out her wallet had been stolen and she was so happy to get some of her things back! Although she did look at Brandon's brother a little weird when he explained that we had been searching for hidden treasure when we came across it! Awk-ward.

Bottom line, we had fun and even though it was kind of random, we'll probably do it again! I think it would be a great little adventure to try with kids... who doesn't like to look for hidden treasure?! We always find it interesting to try new things and we enjoyed the fact that whether we are at home in Oklahoma City or backpacking through Switzerland, there will be a hidden cache nearby!! Kind of cool! What random adventures have you been on lately? Any suggestions for things the four of us should try to stay busy and active until Baby Nephew arrives? Please share!

Hope you have a great weekend!
Be Blessed!

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