Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lyndsey's Lingerie...

Interesting title, I know. This blog is getting more and more scandalous by the day - yesterday I got everyone thinking we were adopting (In case you are still confused, no, we aren't planning to adopt... I'm just starting to learn adoption law so I can help OTHER PEOPLE adopt. See this post for ALL the details!) and today I'm talking about Lyndsey's lingerie!


Actually, I'm just bringing you pictures from Lyndsey's lingerie shower... I just couldn't think of a creative title, sorry.  The reason I'm sharing this little party is because I am ALWAYS on the hunt for shower ideas, designs and suggestions, so even though this actually took place in October of 2010, my theory is that it's never too late to look at fun pictures! Hopefully, you feel the same!

So, let me give you the back story on Lyndsey and Casey! To make a really long (yet super cool) story short, my cousin Callie became best friends with Lyndsey during college and Lynds, being from Iowa, came home with Callie a lot! About the time of their college graduation, when Lyndsey was about to head off into the wild blue yonder, Callie's brother Casey decided that (even though she was a Hawkeyes fan) ol' Lyndsey was pretty alright, so he started flirting with her. About 6 months later, Lyndsey began to feel sorry for him and so she came to the conclusion that Casey was pretty decent and they should get married. So a year or two later, they did! Okay, that's not exactly how the story goes but it's pretty close... in real life it was way more mushy than that.

Lyndsey & Callie - Best friends from college and now sister-in-laws
One of the reasons their story is so cool is that while Casey and Lyndsey were dating, Lyndsey told Callie that she wished there was some way that she could repay Callie for introducing her to her future husband...  then it came to her! She told Callie that she just HAD to meet Lyndsey's high school best friend, Levi. While sitting in the living room Lynds called him and told him that he should talk to Callie, he'd thank her someday, and handed Callie the phone... the rest was history! Callie and Levi were married the following April (You'll get pictures from their beautiful wedding soon!)... Casey and Lyndsey tied the knot six months later! If that's not the coolest story ever, I don't know what is!

So, as of October 2010, Lyndsey is one of my very dear cousins! Casey couldn't have picked a more perfect person to fit into our family! We adore her despite the fact that she won't stop talking about the Iowa Hawkeyes (Well, it's slowed down a little bit after OU beat them). Lynds and I have become wonderful friends the past few years and I am always so excited to get to head home to spend time with her and Callie. We both love antiques, sports and being outdoors so we always have lots to talk about! Lyndsey is truly one of the most kind-hearted, sweet girls I know and I'm so thankful to be able to call her family, as well as friend!

Now, back to the shower! Sorry, got sidetracked. Shocking, I know! Like I said before, Lyndsey is from Iowa so it wasn't reasonable for her hometown friends, sister and mom to make multiple trips to Oklahoma for showers so Callie and I decided to throw her a lingerie shower the night before dress rehearsal when they would already be in town. There aren't exactly a lot of venues in our small town so we decided to have a woodsy lingerie shower, not your typical pink frills, and host it at my parent's lodge. Lucky for us, the Lodge is already full of horns, hides and lots of woodsy decor so we didn't have to do much decorating... The little shin-dig turned out so adorable that I just had to share the pictures! (I'll be showing off pictures from her pretty fall wedding later, I promise!)

The main display featured a leopard tablecloth covered in lots  of yummy food! We glazed some pumpkins to add a fall feel and used vintage wooden boxes, buckets and bowls to display the food. I picked up a fun fall arrangement from my favorite florist in OKC, Trochtas, that had kale cabbage and sunflowers... but I messed it up on the drive home so ignore the fact that when I took these pictures, I hadn't fixed it yet. I made the "SOON 2 BE MRS SULLIVAN" banner using cardstock, burlap and my mom's sweet sewing skills.

Up the wooden staircase we hung twine with leaves and clothes pins. As Lyndsey opened her gift they were pinned on the clothes line! I got carried away in hosting and failed to take a picture of the line covered in lingerie, but trust me it was cute! It was an easy way to display each gift and fun to be able to see them all lined up!

We served a mini-dinner, it had all the ingredients of a full dinner but we served everything in mini-portions! Our menu included: cornbread muffins, beans and ham, corn on the cob, bacon cheese fries, fruit skewers, cheese burger sliders and cinnamon rolls or cookies for dessert!

Callie and I served the beans and ham in little coffee cups and we used skewers to stick the mini-corn on the cobs down in a moss covered block.

We made the sliders and then used short skewers to hold them together, as well as, to add the garnishes to the top... Being a picky eater, I hate when my burger comes covered in stuff that I don't want, this was an easy solution allowing anyone to pick off what they didn't want and it added a fun pop of color!

Lyndsey received tons of wonderful things and we all had such a fun time watching her open presents! It's always fun to get to put on an exciting little event for a girl you love and adore!

Be Blessed!

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